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  • New Gear VR Face Foam Cushioning Replacement

    Gear VR Foam Padding

    Gear VR Face Foam Cushioning

    We have been working on far more hygiene solutions for VR than our virtual reality headset covers in the last 16 months since we started this project but it was never the right time to release what we worked on. This changes this year with the release of consumer virtual reality devices such as the Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

    Today we are happy to launch a face foam replacement for the Samsung Gear VR.

    Our VR Cover foam padding can be used instead of the original foam padding that was shipped with the Gear VR. It comes in a set of two. If you show your Gear VR to someone, one foam padding can be on the Gear VR while you quickly wipe down the other one before you replace it for the next person who wants to try the Gear VR.

    The foam padding is made from a soft leather like material that is pleasant to wear and easy to clean.


    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • VR Lens Lab Launch – Glasses for Virtual Reality Headsets


    Last week we launched our new virtual reality project called VR Lens Lab. With VR Lens Lab we offer prescription lens adapter for virtual reality headsets.

    So instead of wearing glasses, now your VR headset can wear glasses. Besides the prescription lenses we also offer non prescription lenses that protect the original headset lenses or in case of the Blueguard VR coated lenses protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

    The most simple option are lens caps that you can use to protect your VR lenses when traveling.

    A lot more details on our Kickstarter page.

  • How to put on the VR Cover for Gear VR Consumer Version

    Just a quick video how to easily put the new VR Cover for Samsungs Gear VR (Consumer Version) on. Go ahead and do it this way instead of wrestling with the foam padding directly.

    You can order your Gear VR Cover over here.

    Just make sure you pick the right one. If you have an older Gear VR (the Innovator Edition) it most likely has the old Oculus Rift logo on it. If you have a newer Gear VR that was released in November 2015 or later it has the new Oculus Rift logo on it and is the Consumer Edition that also works with the Samsung Note 5.

  • New VR Cover for Consumer Gear VR (Note 5, S6 and other Samsung flagship phones)

    gear vr cover

    If you bought the $99 consumer Gear VR version (for Samsung Note 5 and others) in the last weeks we have the right VR Cover for you now. You can order yours today in velour or with our regular cotton chambray fabric.

    We just sent the first batch to our distribution center in the US and are ready to ship in the first week of January.

    Have a great time and good start into 2016! An epic year for VR!


    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • HTC Vive VR Cover (Limited production run)


    We currently have a few regular HTC Vive VR Cover left but unfortunately our waterproof HTC Vive VR Cover are already sold out. We do not produce them again because for the limited amount of HTC Vive out there another production run wouldn’t be worth it.

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    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets