Gear VR S6 Covers and New Velour VR Covers for Gear VR and Oculus Rift

In case you want to protect your new Samsung Gear VR S6 from dirt and make it more comfortable you can order one of our Gear VR Covers. They worked for the Note 4 version of the Gear VR and also work for the new Gear VR S6 version.

Velour VR Cover

Ever felt like cuddling with your headset? Not yet? This might change once you have treated your headset to one of the new ultrasoft Velour VR Covers.

The new Velour VR Covers are available for the Gear VR, the new Gear VR S6 and of course the Oculus Rift DK1/DK2.

If you are curious how the softest way of experiencing VR feels, get yours and give your headset the hug it deserves.


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

New Multi Color Sets

Multi Color VR Cover Set

We offer our regular DK1 / DK2 VR Covers for the Oculus Rift in a multi color set now. Head over here and just choose “Multi Color” when you check out.

Oculus Rift Cover

Leopard Pattern VR Cover

We produced only one of these VR Covers for a photo / video shooting. After seeing how it turned out we liked it so much that we did a small production run and you can get yours now.


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

How to put your Gear VR Cover on

The first Gear VR Cover we sent out last Thursday have arrived in some places already and here is a step by step video how you can easily put them on your Samsung Gear VR.

  • Find the VR Cover logo patch (that side is up)
  • Loosely fit the VR Cover around your Gear VR
  • Align the lower part of the Gear VR Cover while pressing it in the nose indentation.
  • Lift the foam and slide the lower VR Cover straps under the foam.
  • Do the same for the straps on the upper side.
  • If necessary adjust the top of the Gear VR Cover.
  • Enjoy your Gear VR in a more comfortable and clean way!

If you do not have a Gear VR Cover yet, head over here to get yours.


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

Gear VR Cover Launch

Gear VR Cover
Gear VR Cover

We are launching our Gear VR Cover today and have 150 sets ready to be shipped out this Thursday.

The Gear VR Cover works with both kinds of foam that come with the Gear VR. Just like the DK2 VR Cover it has no padding and is lightweight and soft.

We have added some velcro straps that keep it in place so it fits even better and stays perfectly on your Gear VR even when putting it back into the Gear VR case.

We will post a more detailed hands on video later this week.


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

Gear VR Cover Survey

Gear VR Cover

If you want to keep your Gear VR foam clean and make the whole setup more comfortable get your Gear VR Cover now.

The Gear VR Cover is easy to put on and stays in place. You can use it with either foam (nose free and nose covered) that comes with your Samsung Gear VR.

The survey is closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar for updates or order your Gear VR Cover in our shop.


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

Cool Christmas VR Release & Free Oculus Rift 3D Model for Developers

Ho, ho, ho! The last days of the year are here and we wish you and your loved ones some relaxed and fun times during the holidays. We have built the Cool Christmas VR experience as virtual Christmas card. If you have a DK2 check it out.

People who have tried it, loved it and while your mileage may vary it should run pretty smooth in direct or extended mode for most people (works well with 7XX Nvidia cards and better).

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without gifts, so we share the Oculus Rift DK2 3D model that we used in this VR experience for you to use in your own projects.

We release the Oculus Rift 3D model under the CC0 license into the public domain. That means you do not even have to credit us for using the model but we would of course appreciate a link back from your website to VR Cover or just a tweet about our products.

Free Oculus Rift 3D Model


We are having a holiday from the 29th to the 5th of January but if you order your VR Covers now we make sure it gets on the way before that. We will have a couple of exciting news in early January when we are back in action.

If you want to stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter. 2015 will be wild for virtual reality. Good time to wander the planet (and metaverse). Happy Holidays!


Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

Organic Cotton Bamboo VR Covers for Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2

Thanks for the great feedback in the last couple of weeks. We have shipped now over 4000 VR Covers to individual developers, VR enthusiasts, universities and research institutions all over the world and many people have reported that they like the feel of our 100% cotton chambray fabric much more than just the foam on the Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2.

Today we offer a limited amount of 32 Organic Cotton Bamboo VR Cover sets with stitched logo to see how high the demand for this sort of “green” VR Cover is.

Organic VR Cover

Organic VR Cover

Organic VR Cover

The fabric feels great on your skin and is weaved from 80% organic cotton and 20% organic bamboo yarn. No chemicals or colors were added throughout the production process. We bought this fabric directly from the yarn manufacturer so we were able to see how the yarn and fabric is made from scratch.

Head over here to get yours while we still have them in stock.

Second Batch & General Shipping Update

VR Cover Virtual Reality Headset Cover

We shipped the second batch of VR Covers today and if you were in this batch you should get your DHL tracking number in the coming days via Email. We change our shipping from next week and ship out daily so you get your VR Cover as fast as possible.

Right now, we work with our team of tailors 24/7 on this but because every VR Cover needs to be hand cut the production takes a bit of time. We have some more tailors joining us in the coming week and expect to have all current orders shipped within the next 3 weeks.

VR Cover Virtual Reality Headset Cover

We are also working on the wholesale VR Covers and will have more news on this in the first week of November. For product updates and promotions please subscribe to our newsletter.

VR Cover First Batch Shipping Update

We are shipping the first batch of VR Covers tomorrow morning. On Thursday we get the tracking numbers from DHL and will email them to all of you who ordered early and receive their VR Covers with this first batch. We are now scaling up our production and are well on track to deliver all upcoming batches on time as well. We also have some more new products in the pipeline so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

VR Cover Virtual Reality Headset Cover