VR Cover Black Friday 2022

Our biggest sale ever is here. Now through 29 November (7am EST), you can enjoy discounts of up to 70% at our regional stores. Here are just some of the many accessories on offer:

Sale Price US$/€26.10 (Usual Price US$/€29.00)

The Fitness interface features a vented design that allows better air flow. This greatly reduces the build-up of moisture, so you don’t have to deal with foggy lenses during gaming.

You get 2 wipeable PU leather foams in the set – Standard (thick) and Minimal (thin). The slimmer foam brings you closer to the display for that immersive experience while the regular foam provides a more padded feel around the eyes. There is also a detachable nose guard to block excess light.

Sale Price US$/€20.30 (Usual Price US$/€29.00)

Take back control of the game. Our grips have knuckle straps to secure the controllers to your hands, allowing you to swing your arms confidently without fear of dropping the devices or sending them flying across the room. The textured, non-slip material also makes it easier to hold onto the controllers when your hands turn sweaty.

Sale Price US$33.15 (Usual Price US$39.00)

If you tend to end up with red marks on your face after wearing the Valve Index, then our foam interface kit is just for you. The memory foam pads absorb some of the weight of the device and ease the pressure. We’ve also included two soft wedges to fix light leaks near the eyes. Easily add the parts to your headset – it only takes a quick assemble to enhance your Valve Index experience.

Sale Price US$/€24.65 (Usual Price US$/€29.00)

A hygienic alternative to the original face gasket, our replacement facial interface and foam pad are simple to install and easy to clean. Two foams, Standard and Comfort, are included to help you pick one that fits better on you. They can be adjusted on the facial interface until they feel exactly right.

Sale Price US$18.75 – US$21.25 (Usual Price US$25.00)

This necessary addition makes your HTC Vive more wearable. The soft memory foam gently cushions the back of the head, delivering a higher level of comfort that is very much welcome in extended gaming sessions. It can be used to increase the snugness of the headset as well.

Available for purchase at our regional stores:

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