Facial Interface in Magenta, Dark Blue, Dark Grey and Dark Red

Coloured Facial Interface and Foam Replacements for Oculus Quest 2

Enjoy VR in style and comfort. Our Facial Interface, sold in a set that also includes 2 foam replacements and a nose guard, is now available in Magenta, Dark Blue, Dark Grey and Dark Red.* The new colours let you upgrade the look of your headset while improving hygiene and the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 experience.

The interface has passive air vents to allow the hot air you exhale inside the headset to escape. There is a removable nose guard too in the same colour, as well as Black or Light Grey wipeable PU leather foams in 2 sizes that you can switch between for a better FOV or extra padding.

*The Dark Red Facial Interface was previously sold in the Winter Edition set.

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad

Get enhanced ergonomics and comfort with our Elite Headstrap Foam Pad. Designed for Meta/Quest 2 Elite Strap, it is a soft foam padding that attaches to the back of the strap and makes the headset more snug, stable and wearable. The foam moulds to the contours of your head, offering extra cushioning to ease pressure for a longer, more comfortable playtime. Simple to install, it comes in a wipeable PU leather for easy cleaning. 

XL Spacer

XL Spacer for Oculus Quest 2

Made for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 and to be used with the stock facial gasket only, the XL Spacer creates a more accommodating fit for users with prescription glasses by adding more room before the display. While the original spacer adds 4mm of space, our XL Spacer adds 6.5mm, thus providing extra clearance.*

*It does not work with VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement. For best results, customers are advised to follow the guidelines from Meta Quest on glasses dimensions and the correct way to put on and remove the headset.

Silicone Cover in Dark Grey

Silicone Cover Dark Grey for Oculus Quest 2

New colour added! You can now get our hypoallergenic, medical grade Silicone Cover in Dark Grey. A protective cover that goes over the facial gasket, it keeps the foam from getting soaked or worn out from use. The non-slip material grips softly to help stabilise the headset as you move about. Great for hygiene, it can be wiped clean or handwashed.

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