Head Strap Foam Pad, Silicone Cover and Disposable Covers for Oculus Quest 2

Head Strap Foam Pad

Head Strap Foam Pad for Oculus Quest 2

Newly added to our range of products for Oculus Quest 2 is the wipeable Head Strap Foam Pad. Designed to attach to the stock strap, it features soft, thick padding to cushion the back of the head. If you are looking to improve the fit of your headset, this can help to make the device more snug and wearable.

It also has the benefit of protecting the cloth strap from sweat and wear and tear. Easy to clean, it can be wiped down quickly with a microfiber cloth or anti-bacterial wipes.

Silicone Cover in Magenta & Dark Blue

Magenta and Dark Blue Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2

We are offering more color choices for our Silicone Cover! You can now get it in Magenta and Dark Blue. Fun and functional, they upgrade the look of your headset while improving hygiene and comfort. Apply the cover onto the stock facial gasket to keep sweat and dirt off. It can also help extend the shelf life of the foam by shielding it from the rigors of regular use.

As with our other silicone covers, these are made from high quality, unoiled medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic. They grip softly and feel smooth. Can be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes or handwashed with soap and water.

Disposable Hygiene Covers

Disposable Hygienic Cover for Oculus Quest 2

For a really convenient solution to sweat-soaked facial interfaces, check out our Disposable Hygiene Covers. These are adhesive covers that are great for single use which is especially helpful if your headset has to be shared.

Made to be used on our PU leather foam replacements that come in our custom foam and interface sets, the covers have super-absorbent layers to capture sweat and keep the foam dry. They remove easily, so you can swap out the covers between sessions or users as needed. Sold in a pack of 50 and 100 covers.

Stocked! Cotton VR Cover and Standard Edition Facial Interface & Foam Replacement

VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2
Standard Edition Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2

Our cotton VR Cover and Facial Interface & Foam Replacement (Standard Edition) are back in stock at our Europe store.

*The Facial Interface & Foam Replacement (Standard Edition) is estimated to be released at our US store next week.

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