Head Strap Cover for Meta Quest Pro

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Head Strap Cover for Meta Quest Pro

Upgrade your Meta Quest Pro with our soft, cotton Head Strap Cover. It is handcrafted to fit perfectly over the forehead foam where it will soak up your sweat as you work out in VR, allowing an immersive experience without the discomfort of drips or a slippery foam.

Designed with two layers of absorbent material, it prevents sweat and bacteria from accumulating on your device, making it easier to clean up after a session and maintain headset hygiene.

To attach, simply use the fitted hook-and-loop straps to secure the cover to the front of the halo band.

Each set includes two pieces, so you can swap them out between games or share them with others.

Get the Head Strap Cover today and improve the hygiene and comfort of your Quest Pro.

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