VR Cover for Pico 4

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VR Cover for PICO 4

The VR Cover for PICO 4 takes the comfort of the headset up a notch. Handcrafted with quality stitching and 100% cotton fabric, it is great for long VR sessions as it feels soft and gentle on the skin.

It comes with strong elastic straps to secure the cover to the face gasket. When installed, it protects the foam against sweat, stains and use-related wear and tear.

Its double-layered design enables it to absorb moisture well, making it ideal for sweaty workouts or when the device is shared with others. We have also chosen a wash-friendly material so that you can get the cover cleaned after every session.

Upgrading the headset is easy with the PICO 4 VR Cover. Buy yours today to enhance your experience.

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VR Cover for Pico 4