Elevate Your Quest Pro Experience with VR Cover

The Meta Quest Pro is taking the lead in shaping the future of remote work with its advanced mixed reality technology. By offering a seamless, immersive way to easily interact, collaborate and create with team members in a virtual space, it is anticipated to become an essential tool for businesses.

We are dedicated to enhancing your Quest Pro experience by providing products that optimize hygiene, comfort and enjoyment. Whether you use your Quest Pro for work or leisure, we are committed to helping you get the most out of it.

VR Cover for Oculus Quest Pro

Enjoyable VR

Experience comfortable VR in extended sessions with our accessories.

Better Hygiene

Our washable fabric covers help maintain a cleaner, sweat-free headset.

Foam Protection

Prevent wear and tear. Get a protective cover to prolong the life of the stock foam.

Easy Sharing

With swappable covers, you can share your headset with others without worry.

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Head Strap Cover for Meta Quest Pro

About Our Meta Quest Pro Accessories

The Meta Quest Pro offers a compelling vision of how the metaverse could potentially replace traditional workspaces. Its high-tech features, such as face and eye tracking for avatars, virtual desktop screens and color pass-through, as well as Meta’s co-working apps like Horizons Workrooms, are intended to replicate the work experience within VR.

Sleek in design with a fixed halo strap, it has no facial interface. This sets it apart from the Quest 2, and we are excited to develop accessories that will be specifically tailored to it. Our first product is a cotton head strap cover for the forehead foam, designed to absorb sweat and improve comfort for active VR. We have more solutions in the works, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest offerings.

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