Today, we welcome 2 new additions to our range of virtual reality accessories – the Oculus Quest Foam and Interface Basic Set and Oculus Quest VR Cover!

Fully compatible with Oculus Quest, the latest VR Cover hygiene and comfort solutions take the form of a three-piece foam and interface kit and a set of cotton covers.

Gamers will certainly be spending more time in Quest’s untethered VR. This can only mean one thing – the original stock foam will get sweaty and dirty real quick.

Enter the Oculus Quest Foam and Interface Basic Set. With our wipeable PU leather foam replacements, easily interchangeable on the custom interface, you can Beat Saber all day and not worry about nasty bacteria ruining your rhythm. To avoid the grime and keep gaming, simply clean the accessories between sessions with anti-bacterial wipes.

The foams which come in 2 versions – Standard and Comfort – are moisture-resistant and help to prevent light leakage. The thicker pad feels soft and pillowy. As it is wider than the stock foam, it also accommodates most prescription glasses. Users preferring an overall tighter fit can opt for the slimmer foam padding. Its thinner form also positions one nearer to the lens, creating a wider field of view and better immersion.

The Oculus Quest VR Cover set includes 2 machine-washable cotton covers that attach securely to the headset via an easy hook and strap design. When installed and used, they help absorb sweat during active VR sessions, so your headset feels clean. With 2 covers in each pack, you can rotate them, using one while the other is in the wash.

To maximise your Oculus Quest enjoyment, shop now for your very own Oculus Quest Accessories!