Our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 is a custom ergonomic solution designed to protect you and your VR headset while enhancing your VR experience.

Available for sale end of November, the 4-in-1 hygienic kit includes a facial interface with passive air vents, 2 PU leather foam replacements in different thicknesses, and a silicone nose guard to block light.

With air vents incorporated into the design of the facial interface, you can breathe freely and stay cool even as things become intense. Enjoy longer uninterrupted gaming as the lenses are less likely to fog up.

To install, simply attach one of the foams to the facial interface before mounting it on your device. The set offers 2 types of foams – Standard, which brings you closer to the lens for a wider FOV, and Comfort, a thicker pad that adds more distance and cushioning. Both are easy to wipe clean. Just freshen them up between sessions with a microfiber cloth or anti-bacterial wipe to quickly remove all sweat and dirt.

For those looking to take immersion further, there is a nose guard that you can use to stop light from leaking in from underneath. When it is used with the breathable facial interface, the build-up of hot and humid air from exhalation inside the headset is even further reduced.

Whichever benefit you seek, these great features and more make the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement the perfect accessory for your headset.