Newegg VR Cover launch

When you’re next on Newegg shopping for hardware to upgrade your PC VR rig, be sure to check out our store there. That’s right, VR Cover is now on Newegg (US) which not only makes our products even more accessible, it also offers you the opportunity to take advantage of offers exclusive to Newegg when buying from their marketplace. Read on to see what we have in store now.

XL space, blue fitness interface, foam

Fitness Facial Interface & Foam with XL Spacer for Meta Quest 2

Our Fitness Facial Interface and Foam improve the experience of working out in VR. How so? The facial interface is lined with multiple vents to circulate air, so the lens can stay fog-free for longer. The foams are soft and comfortable and do not soak up sweat like the original foam. Designed in PU leather, they can be wiped clean. You get a thin and thick foam in the set to try on for a custom fit.

We’ve also included one XL Spacer for those who wear glasses with the headset and need a bit more room before the lens.

The facial interface is available in dark blue and grey. The set also includes a lens cover.

Grips and halo protector

Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2

While the Quest 2 controllers have wrist straps to prevent the devices from being dropped during gaming, an additional strap over the knuckles gives you the option to have the controllers close to your hands without the need to hold on to them all the time. Our Controller Grips feature adjustable knuckle straps, plus anti-slip sleeves that keep the handles from getting sweat-stained.

Halo Controller Protector Set for Meta Quest 2

When playing in a small space, there’s a higher risk of bumping your controllers against other objects, so you’d want the Halo Controller Protectors as well. These form a protective ring around the halos in case of accidental collisions.

Silicone and disposable cover

Silicone Cover for Meta Quest 2

To maintain foam hygiene and comfort, we offer washable silicone covers that go over the original foam. Made of medical grade silicone that is unoiled and hypoallergenic, the covers are useful in keeping your headset clean and sweat-free.

Available in different colors.

Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam

These covers have absorbent layers to catch most of your sweat so that the stock foam does not end up sodden after a workout. They can be applied to the sides of the facial interface by using the adhesive tabs. A disposable solution, they make ideal covers when the headset is being shared.

Sold in a pack of 50 pieces. Suitable for use on different headsets.

Lens protector, lens cover

Lens Protector for Meta Quest 2

A good VR experience is enjoyed when there is optimal visual clarity. Our Lens Protectors not only shield the lens in the headset from knocks and bumps, they also keep scratches and smudges off the protector lens with their oil-proof, abrasion-resistant and anti-smudge coatings. There is also a blue light coating to filter out some of the digital light which can cause eye fatigue.

Lens Cover for Meta Quest 2

A simple yet effective lens protection solution, the Lens Cover is a soft, one-piece covering that fits over the display to prevent light damage and scratches.

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta Quest 2

For those using the Elite strap on the Quest 2, our Elite Headstrap Foam Pad will cushion the back of your head to make the strap more snug and comfortable there. It also relieves some of the pressure that can come from wearing the headset in longer gaming sessions.

Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for HP Reverb G2

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for HP Reverb G2

Looking to upgrade your HP Reverb G2? Our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set made for the V1 headset is a great alternative to the original face gasket as the PU leather foam pads (Standard and Comfort) can be wiped clean. And while the Standard foam is similar in size to the stock foam, the Comfort foam is thicker and softer. The foam pads are adjustable on the facial interface which has a removable nose guard to reduce light leakage.