Our Silicone Cover is an essential VR accessory. It stops sweat, oil and dirt from coming into contact with the foam while offering a layer of protection against wear and tear. Your headset will feel cleaner and be in better shape longer.

As oiled silicone may cause unwanted skin reactions, we have chosen to use high quality medical grade silicone that is unoiled, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

Soft and smooth, it feels great whether you are playing an intensive game, working out or just relaxing in social VR. The anti-slip unoiled surface also helps keep the headset from moving too much, a useful feature especially in more active sessions.

It’s easy to apply it to the foam. Simply remove the facial interface, slip the cover on, and reattach the interface. You can keep it spotlessly clean by using alcohol-free antibacterial wipes or handwashing with soap.

With our Silicone Cover, you will experience better hygiene, comfort and protection for your VR headset.