Get the Best VR with PICO 4 VR Cover and Foam

Standalone VR got a boost in 2022 with PICO 4 which has been winning fans over with its high quality image fidelity, compact design and affordable price.

As specialists in VR hygiene and comfort, we know how much more fun the gaming experience can be when the right accessories are used. Our products achieve this. From soft cotton covers to replacement PU leather face pads, our solutions are designed to make your trips into VR all the better while using the PICO 4.

VR Cover for Pico 4

Optimal Comfort

Our soft memory foam pads make long sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

Maximum Hygiene

With VR covers that are so simple to clean, you can easily keep your headset free of sweat and dirt.

Reduced Pressure

The foams provide welcome relief to the face by absorbing some of the weight of the headset.

Increased Immersion

As well as reducing light leaks, our covers can bring you closer to the lens for a greater FOV.

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VR Cover for Pico 4

About Our PICO 4 Accessories

PICO 4 has quickly established itself as one of the best standalone VR headsets on the market since its release in late October 2022. It outperforms the competition in a variety of ways, including having a bigger FOV, higher resolution displays, compact pancake lenses and a color passthrough camera.

With the added advantages of being lighter and cheaper than its rivals, it is easy to see why the headset is liked by so many.

To tackle the problem of the face cushion becoming dirty with use, we are introducing a range of accessories specifically for PICO 4. First up is the VR Cover. A washable soft face cover made of 100% cotton, it wicks away sweat and improves comfort while keeping the foam from getting soaked through.

More PICO 4 upgrades like easy-to-clean foam replacements with a custom facial interface will be available soon. We don’t want you to miss out on these upcoming products, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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