Customize Your PlayStation VR2 with Comfort and Hygiene Accessories

Sony’s latest addition to their VR product line, the PlayStation VR2, not only surpasses their previous model but also sets new standards for VR headsets in general. Developed with gamers in mind, it offers one of the best immersive experiences around with capabilities absent in other consumer headsets, such as HDR, eye-tracking, and in-headset rumble.

Its broad appeal to both existing PSVR owners and new adopters means there will be even more demand for products that improve user comfort, fit, and hygiene. We understand this need and have the expertise to design customizable VR accessories that cater to individual preferences, ensuring an optimal experience for PSVR 2 enthusiasts.

Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2 - VR Cover

Custom Fit

Find a fit that suits you best with our adjustable headband center strap.

Enhanced Comfort

Our accessories are engineered to make extended VR gaming more enjoyable.

Headset Hygiene

Use our washable, wipeable products to keep your headset clean and sweat-free.

Easy Sharing

Want to share your headset? Our hygienic covers let you do it with ease!

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Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2

About Our PlayStation VR2 Accessories

After prolonged use, your PSVR 2 may lose its pristine appearance and no longer look like the shiny new toy it once was. As a result of the exciting in-game activities such as climbing, archery, and shooting, your headset becomes sweaty and grimy, which can lead to hygiene concerns.

Our headband center strap provides extra support across the top of your head, helping to distribute the weight of the headset more evenly and reducing pressure on specific points. It has an adjustable design so that you can find a fit most comfortable for you.

In addition, our soft cotton covers for the front and back foam cushions on the headband effectively capture sweat, preventing it from building up especially after vigorous VR workouts. As washable add-ons for the PSVR 2, they are practical to have in maintaining a clean headset.

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