VR Cover is the number one choice for a hygienic, comfortable experience with the Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR has been making headway as a popular HMD for those wish to sample the delights of virtual reality. Conveniently, a compatible cell phone is all you need to use the headset.

But why stop there? Make your VR world even more enjoyable and comfortable by adding our waterproof and cotton covers to your set-up. They protect your device from moisture and grime, while improving comfort, allowing you to get the most out of your time with VR without worry.

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Samsung Gear VR Foam Replacement (Waterproof for Exhibitions) 2017 / 2018 Model

Enhanced Comfort

Our foam replacements, made from soft, durable leather, improve the comfort of your Samsung VR headset.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to the waterproof material, it’s much easier to clean your headset. A few seconds with an anti-bacterial wipe is all it takes to remove the traces of extended usage.

Better to Wear

Extra padding and improved materials make your VR headset not only easy to clean, but easy to wear too.

Improved Gaming

Our foam replacements lessen the pressure on your face and reduce red marks - perfect for gaming sessions!

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Samsung Gear VR Foam Replacement (Waterproof for Exhibitions) 2016 Model

About Our Samsung Gear Accessories

Our complete range of Samsung Gear VR accessories can help you keep your headset in optimum condition. With extended use, germs, bacteria, and all sorts of dirt can build up on the headset. Over time, this can become very damaging. Our foam replacements and protective products can help to eliminate this on-going problem and improve the general health and hygiene of your virtual reality equipment.

If you use VR as a demo tool, you’ll know how quickly grime and bacteria can build up. A few minutes of use is all it takes, especially if the headset is being passed from user to user. In such scenarios, our foam replacements can be switched quickly and easily, meaning each and every user gets a fresh, clean experience. To put your demo in the best light, discover what our Samsung Gear cleaning accessories can do for you.

For those who use their Gear at home, it’s a similar story. If you’ve ever picked up your headset, ready to play a game or watch a film, and found a residue leftover from the last session, it ruins your day. It’s why our product not only improves the comfort levels of the VR headset, but it also makes it much, much easier to clean.

With wipeable, changeable foam replacements, your Samsung Gear VR will always be in the best possible condition.

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