Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set V2 for Oculus Quest

Experience virtual reality on your Oculus Quest like never before with our modular kit of foam replacement, flexible facial interface and anti-light nose guards.

Wipeable and customizable, these accessories replace the original foam gasket to instantly improve headset hygiene and overall comfort.

The PU leather foam comes in a thicker Comfort version and offers extra padding around the face to relieve pressure and reduce red marks.

The flexible facial interface can accommodate wider face shapes better and improve wearability.

The set also comes with 2 silicone nose guards in different sizes, so you can find one just right for you. They can be attached to the facial interface in different ways to comfortably fit your nose, block out light and reduce condensation inside the headset.

Convenient to clean, the accessories just need a few wipes to turn your device sweat and dirt free again. Whether for personal use or sharing, for social or trade events, they help push immersion to the max and make VR more enjoyable for everyone.

The Economy Set includes:
1 X Flexible Facial Interface (red)
2 X Silicone Nose Guard (red)
1 X Comfort PU Leather Foam Replacement (black)

The Economy + Oculus Quest V1 Foam Set includes:
1 X Flexible Facial Interface (red)
2 X Silicone Nose Guard (red)
1 X Comfort PU Leather Foam Replacement (black)
1 X Oculus Quest V1 Comfort PU Foam Replacement (black)
1 X Oculus Quest V1 Standard PU Foam Replacement (black)

This product can be used only on the original Oculus Quest. It will not work on Oculus Quest 2 or other headsets. For more information, check out our FAQ below.


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Hands-On Video

Need some guidance on how to install the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set V2 on your Oculus Quest? Have a look at our hands-on video.


100% cotton

machine washable

breathable fabric

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set V2 for Oculus™ Quest

We recommend cleaning with alcohol-free antibacterial wipes. They can also be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth.

No, it will not work with the glasses spacer.

Different glasses will have different mileage depending on the size of the frames and thickness of the prescription lenses. We cannot guarantee that your glasses will fit inside comfortably.

No, the cotton cover works only with the original foam gasket and the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set.

Yes, they work well together. The Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers (Extra Pack) is compatible and you won’t need to get the starter kit. Wipe clean the foams before applying the disposable covers.

No, this is designed to be used on the original Oculus Quest only and will not work on other headsets.

The nose guards are made of a soft silicone for extra comfort, so delicate handling is advised. When removing them, pinch the section close to the pins and pull gently. For further guidance, please refer to the installation video.


Material: PU Leather, foam, silicone

Care Instructions: Clean with antibacterial wipes. Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Delicate handling is advised when removing the nose guards from the facial interface.


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