Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Pro Set

Opt for the ultimate customization experience and choose our Pro set for the Meta/Oculus Rift. You will receive two facial interfaces, as well as five foam replacements in different sizes and eye-catching colours. Besides enhancing the look of your headset, the Pro set also scales up your VR hygiene and comfort.

The foam replacements are covered in a soft PU leather material which allows anti-bacterial wipes to be used to keep them hygienic. This fuss-free, easy-to-clean feature makes them a practical necessity in shared VR sessions where wiping the headsets between users is essential.

To further help your headset stay fresh and sweat-free, a 100% cotton cover is included. Simply attach it to the facial interface using the built-in elastic straps.

This product is compatible with Meta/Oculus Rift CV 1 and not the Meta/Oculus Rift S.

The Pro set includes:

2 x Facial Interfaces (Black)
4 x PU leather foam replacements (Red & Blue)
1 x PU leather foam replacement (Black)
1 x Meta/Oculus Rift VR Cover

*** This item is stocked only at our US fulfillment center. If your destination country is outside the US, the shipping fee will be different from what is published on site. To obtain a custom rate, please reach us via the contact form. ***

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Try our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Pro Set for Meta/Oculus Rift!


100% cotton

machine washable

breathable fabric

Meta/Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Pro Set FAQ

No, this version was produced in limited quantities and has now sold out.

It depends. Our interface is the same shape as the original but a little less flexible. If your frames are only just squeezing into the original interface you’re probably going to struggle with ours.

This is no longer available and we are not restocking it.

No, these sets only work with the Meta/Oculus Rift CV1 (Consumer Version).


Materials: PU Leather, Foam, Cotton

Care Instructions: The PU Leather Foam Replacement can be cleaned with a damp cloth or our Skin Friendly VR HMD Cleaning Wipes. It is not suitable for machine wash or hand wash.

The cotton VR Cover can be machine washed on the normal/cotton setting.


We offer two shipping options: Standard and Express. Shipping time vary depending on the destination country, please refer to our dedicated shipping page for more detailed information.

If you’re in the US, Standard shipping generally takes 5-7 days if the order is shipped from our US fulfilment centre. For the rest of the world, please refer to our shipping page.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours. European customers may have to wait a little longer as we ship using a batch-ship method.

We accept returns or exchanges only in the case that the product is defective or damaged.

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