The long awaited Valve Index has finally arrived. With better fidelity, sound and controllers, the Valve Index VR headset delivers more realistic VR experiences not previously felt before on other headsets. VR Cover wants you to enjoy your new headset even more with our new Valve Index VR Cover.

Our soft, 100% cotton cover will help you to maintain hygiene and comfort. Attach it over the face gasket to catch sweat and protect the stock foam padding. Moisture-absorbing fibres will keep your  headset fresh and dry longer whether you’re relaxing in Vacation Simulator or fending off enemies in Superhot VR.

It is sold in a pack of two covers. Elasticated straps that latch onto the facial interface allow easy installation and removal. Swap out a cover mid-game before the headset gets uncomfortable or unhygienic. The covers are also perfect for occasions when the headset is shared in multi-user gaming sessions and demos. Machine-washable and reusable, the Valve Index VR Cover offers a hygienic solution that helps to keep every VR experience as enjoyable as possible.