VR Cover Fitness Bundle for Meta Oculus Quest 2

We’re excited to announce a new offering released today at our regional stores – the VR Cover Fitness Bundle for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. It includes 3 of our most popular items, the Fitness Set, Controller Grips and Halo Controller Protector.

Together, they make up the ultimate collection of accessories that will enable you to get the most out of your Quest 2. And what’s even better is you’ll save 10% by purchasing the bundled set.

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Need more reasons why they are an absolute must-buy? Check out the following benefits!

Fitness Interface and Foam Set for Oculus Quest 2
Fitness Interface and Foam Set for Oculus Quest 2

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set

  • Less fogging: Passive air vents on the facial interface enhance airflow and reduce the build-up of moisture on the lens.
  • Increased comfort: The soft memory foam pads and flexible facial interface work together to provide an ergonomic experience, making the headset more comfortable to wear.
  • Greater immersion: The ultra-slim Minimal foam brings your eyes closer to the lens to create a wider FOV.
  • No-fuss hygiene: Our PU leather foams are very easy to clean! Just wipe them down to remove sweat and dirt.
Dark Grey Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2

Controller Grips

  • Safe and secure – Included with the grips are knuckle straps that allow you to keep the controllers securely attached to your hands even when you let go.
  • Freedom to move – Tighten the straps and you can move your hands however you like without worrying about dropping the controllers.
  • Better grip – The non-slip, textured material helps sweaty palms maintain a firm grasp.
  • Adjustable straps – The grips are suitable for different hand sizes as the straps can be adjusted to fit the wearer.
Halo Controller Protector for Oculus Quest 2

Halo Controller Protector

  • Additional safeguard – If the controllers are accidentally knocked into other objects, the protectors can minimize any potential damage by absorbing some of the impact.
  • Smooth tracking – There is no interference with the tracking as the protector rings have large holes over where the LEDs are located on the controllers.

Ready to upgrade your Quest 2 and experience the best VR ever? Order the VR Cover Fitness Bundle now.

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