We keep shipping out more VR Covers daily now and if you did not hear from us yet, we did not forget you! We do our best and will send you your DHL tracking number 1-2 days after we shipped your VR Covers.

The first people received their VR Covers already. Here is a short unpacking video from /u/stormy3000.

Here is what he has to say about VR Cover:

So I just got my ‘VR Covers’ delivery.
Very pleased with the product.
Got 3 covers included in a tidy little bag made of the same cotton (at least it feels like cotton) cloth.
Each cover has the leather tag with the companies branding on.
They fit snugly to the DK2 without any fixing required.
It also includes a little velcro strap to hold the wires in place on top of my DK2.
Lastly it comes with a simple little set of instructions printed in a nice rustic way onto some thick brown paper.
Overall I’m very impressed, now I just need to find some spotty sweaty people to try out my rift and make use of the power of a washable cover.

The Virtual Dutchmen are also enjoying their VR Covers.

Oculus community manager Cybereality likes his new VR Covers as well.

I got mine today. Wouldn’t think I would be excited about a piece of fabric, but it actually works nicely. At first it didn’t seem like it would stay in place without elastic, but it seems OK. Only tested a few quick games, but it felt comfortable to me. The velcro strap is a nice touch. Good job.

Drash, the developer of Titan’s of Space also wrote a more detailed review of his VR Covers.

Just got mine in the mail! Here are some thoughts:


Love the material. Feels slightly cool on the face, which is a welcome change. Did not try for more than 5 minutes in a go to see what happens heat-wise, but that would be interesting to see as well.

Most importantly, there’s a bit of carefree-ness now, a lightness of heart. Because no matter what gets on the DK2 from my face, I can still demo this thing to others, and they can be carefree about it too.


It fits very well over the bottom parts of the DK2, and is able to “catch” some pointy bits on the DK2 so it doesn’t seem to budge at all. The top center part does not hug the DK2 that much. I tried stretching it out, but it’s not too stretchy. It would probably help if there was something on the DK2 for it to grab onto, or if the cover had some elasticity in that region as the OP mentioned.

I normally pull the DK2 straight away from my face slightly before taking it off, but just as a test I tried just sliding the DK2 straight up and off as someone new might do, and the cover stayed put.


The bag is nice, fits three covers. Not going to lose these.
I also really appreciate the velcro band for fastening the over-the-top cable in place.



Thanks /u/vrcover! 🙂