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Need some guidance on how to install the VR Cover on your PICO 4? Have a look at our hands-on video.

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100% cotton

machine washable

breathable fabric

FAQ: VR Cover for PICO 4

Cleaning, general care and materials

No, this is just a cotton cover. To use it on your headset, attach it to the original face gasket using the fitted elastic straps.

No, the cover has just two layers of tight-knit 100% cotton.

The covers can be machine-washed on a regular basis. We recommend washing on a cold water setting and hang drying for the best care.

Compatibility with different headsets

As it’s intended to fit over the face cushion on PICO 4, it won’t work on other headsets which have different designs and dimensions.

Other questions

Some users, especially those who wear glasses, may experience light leakage near the eyes due to tiny openings along the foam. Adding our cover over the foam can close some of these gaps and block the light for better immersion.