Oculus Quest 2 - Standard Edition

Our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 (Standard Edition) was recently launched at our Europe and Worldwide stores. Today, we made it available for purchase on our US store. Sold in a set that includes a facial interface with passive air vents, two soft PU leather foam replacements and a removable silicone nose guard, it has everything you need for an upgraded VR experience.

Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Standard Edition for Oculus Quest 2

Facial Interface
The passive vents on the facial interface help release any excessive build-up of hot and humid air around the lens to make your VR sessions more comfortable even as they become more intense.

Foam Replacements
These come in a Standard and thicker Comfort size, so you can choose to be closer to the display or have extra cushioning around the eyes. As they can be wiped clean, they offer easy hygiene control, allowing you to maintain a sweat-free headset at all times.

Some earlier foams encountered color fastness issues caused by the use of new biodegradable leather but for our current units, we switched to PU leather and this update successfully resolved the problem.

Nose Guard
Designed to reduce light leaks, the nose guard also prevents some of the hot air you exhale from entering the headset.

Head to our US store now for your Facial Interface & Foam Replacement!*
*Currently in stock at our US store only. Limited quantities available with more units to be released soon at our other regional stores too. Subscribe to our store newsletter to receive in stock notifications.

VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Back in stock!

Our cotton VR Cover is back in stock at our US store. Sold in a set of 2 covers, they slip on the stock facial gasket to absorb sweat for a cleaner feel.

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