Double layered in super absorbent fabric woven from 100% cotton, our VR Cover for HP Reverb G2 creates a cleaner, more comfortable feel when you wear your headset.

VR Cover for HP Reverb G2

Designed as a protective layer for the face mask, the cover prevents the foam from getting sodden quickly by capturing sweat. Its fast-absorbing power catches drips before they run down your face and potentially into the headset. An additional benefit is it also reduces the effects of wear and tear to keep the foam in better shape for longer.

VR Cover for HP Reverb G2

Installation is an easy attach-and-adjust process. Simply secure the cover to the face mask using the built-in straps and hook.

The machine-washable covers are sold in a pack of two, so you can swap one out for the other whenever necessary.

VR Cover for HP Reverb G2

Buy the VR Cover today to get the most out of your HP Reverb G2.

The product retails at US$/€19 per set of 2 covers and is available at our regional stores. Click on the store links below to shop.

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