VR Cover Mid-Year Sale 2023

Our mid-year sale is on! From today until June 4th, midnight (EDT), you can save 10% – 70% on a wide selection of hygiene and comfort solutions for Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2, Quest, Oculus Rift, PICO 4, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index and a variety of other popular headsets.

From replacement facial interfaces and foams that reduce pressure to lens protectors that keep the display scratch-free, there are plenty of accessories to choose to make your VR experience better.

Take a look at some the products up for grabs in our sale lineup.

VR Cover Fitness set

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set for Meta Quest 2

US$/€26.10 / US$/€29.00

Upgrade your Quest 2 with our customizable Fitness set. It offers a range of features to boost your performance while keeping VR comfortable: a flexible facial interface to accommodate different face shapes, increased air circulation for reduced fogging, a large nose guard to limit light leaks, and two foam options (Minimal for immersive experience, Standard for extra padding). We’ve included a lens cover as well to help you keep the display dust-free and scratch-free.

VR Cover Controller Grips for Quest 2

Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2

US$/€20.30 / US$/€29.00

Our specially-made grips for Quest 2 feature adjustable knuckle straps and non-slip sleeves, giving you the flexibility to let go of your controllers without fear. Use them also to protect the controllers from sweat, grease and scratches.

Lens Protector for Oculus Quest 2

Lens Protector for Meta Quest 2

US$/€13.30 / US$/€19.00

Safeguard the lens on your Quest 2 with our Lens Protector! Made of high-quality Tritan material and layered with oil-proof, abrasion-resistant and anti-smudge coatings, they help your display stay in top condition for visual clarity. Plus, they have a special blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue caused by digital light.

XL Spacer for Quest 2

XL Spacer for Meta Quest 2

US$/€6.30 / US$/€9.00

Don’t let the size of your spectacles get in the way of an epic VR experience – with the XL Spacer for Meta Quest 2, you’ll be able to fit your frames comfortably, and enjoy the extra 6.5mm of space that it adds! Just follow Meta Quest’s guidelines on glasses dimensions for the best results.

Head Strap Cover for Meta Quest Pro

Head Strap Cover for Meta Quest Pro

US$/€20.30 / US$/€29.00

Add our Head Strap Cover to your Quest Pro – the sweat-stopper that lets you game in VR without the grossness! Our double-layer wonder captures workout drips, so all you’re left with is immersive fun and cleanliness. It’s easy to attach with the hook-and-loop straps – and comes in pairs, so you can share the comfort.

VR Cover for Pico 4

VR Cover for PICO 4

US$/€20.30 / US$/€29.00

Handcrafted from 100% cotton and featuring strong elastic straps, this double-layered cover protects the original foam from sweat, stains, and wear and tear. The wash-friendly material also makes it convenient to keep your PICO 4 fresh and clean.

Head strap foam pad for Quest

Head Strap Foam Pad for Meta Quest

US$9.50 / US$19.00

This one-piece cushioning foam pad attaches to the original head strap for an extra layer of support and snug-fitting stability which is great for active VR workouts. Choose between two thicknesses – 10mm or 17mm – for the fit you need for extended gaming sessions. The PU leather material is super easy to wipe down, allowing you to get back into action quickly.

Oculus Rift foams - Blue

Foam Replacement for Meta/Oculus Rift

US$8.70 / US$29.00

To be used with the VR Cover Rift facial interface, this wipeable PU leather foam replacement set comes in a pack of two pieces, 6mm and 15mm, with the thinner foam offering a closer, more immersive view. Available in red and blue, they add a punch of colour to your HMD. If you don’t have our facial interface, we recommend buying instead the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Pro Set for Meta/Oculus Rift (on sale at 30% off) which includes the facial interface insert.

Valve Index Basic Set - foam and facial interface

Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set

US$31.20 / US$39.00

For a truly hygienic and comfortable experience with your Valve Index, look no further than our Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set. The Standard and Comfort memory foam replacements let you enjoy a better field of view while alleviating pressure on your face. There are two side wedges in the set to tackle light leakage. And when the going gets tough, just wipe clean the accessories with anti-bacterial wipes.

HTC Vive Pro Head Strap Foam Replacement

HTC Vive Pro Head Strap Foam Replacement Set

US$23.20 / US$29.00

Give your HTC Vive Pro a new lease on life with our Head Strap Foam Replacement Set! These replacements cover four sections of the Head Strap, so you can easily wipe down your device with antibacterial wipes and maintain optimal headset hygiene.

Oculus Ready VR Cover Facial Interface and Foam Replacement - Oculus Logo

Our VR Cover facial interface and foam replacement set for Meta Quest 2 is also on sale on Meta’s website with a 10% discount.

Enjoy enhanced comfort and hygiene with the included Standard and Comfort PU leather foam pads, along with the facial interface frame featuring passive air vents and a removable silicone nose guard.

This product is available for purchase through Meta’s website in certain countries only.

The sale starts on June 2nd at 06:00 EDT and ends on June 4th, 2023 at 24:00 EDT.

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