Rogue Ascent VR Cover Giveaway

Get ready for an epic new VR gaming experience with Rogue Ascent VR by Nooner Bear Studio. It hits the Meta Quest store on 4 May 2023 and to celebrate the launch, we have partnered with Clique Games to bring you an incredible giveaway featuring some of our best-sellers.

To win yourself some seriously awesome VR Cover gear, head over to the Rogue Ascent VR giveaway page and follow the instructions provided.

All you need are your hands and the best “pew pew” sounds.

Rogue Ascent VR is a roguelike shooter that lets you save Tiamat IV from the Argonauts’ HAVOC Superlaser, all without the need for a controller. This game uses Meta Quest hand-tracking technology, enabling you to make finger guns, raise your arms to shield, and interact with the world around you with your hands.

The hand gestures are easy to learn and there are countless weapons, attachments, abilities, gadgets, perks, and powerups to combine and get creative with your kills.

Turn those hands into laser blasters. | Image: Clique Games

Conquer unique biomes and multiple bosses as you ascend to the final confrontation at the bridge. You can select from five unlockable classes, each with its own stats and abilities, and communicate with your team for special upgrades and advice. Adapt your strategy to beat your personal bests and reach the top of the online leaderboards.

That’s not all. Rogue Ascent VR also offers Twitch integration, which allows your audience to help (or hinder) your run by spawning enemies, items, confetti, and more! Everything is customizable, so it’s up to each streamer to choose what their viewers can and can’t do.

With its intuitive hand gestures, natural combat gameplay, and global leaderboards, Rogue Ascent VR promises to keep you engaged for hours on end.

Rogue Ascent VR will be available on the Meta Quest store on 4 May 2023. Take part in the launch giveaway event here to win VR Cover prizes.