The original virtual reality headset covers

About VR Cover

The idea to start VR Cover

In 2014 we were just a couple of VR enthusiasts who used their Oculus Rift DK2 a lot. The foam became quickly oily and for the lack of better words “a bit gross”. No surprise if you wear your VR headset for several hours a day… or a friend who has more oily skin or is wearing make up wants to try it.

We thought about a solution and came up with the idea to create a cover, just like a bed cover or a cover for you pillows, just for VR headsets. That was in August 2014 when we created the first VR Cover.

Timelapse of building the first prototype

Protecting your VR headset's foam liner from dirt and sweat

With the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 we experienced the start of a new era. The technology to experience virtual reality was finally getting to the point that it was worthwhile and exciting for the masses to enter this new dimension, and this will change the world.

There are many challenges on the way to enable people to have a great virtual reality experience, and the bright minds within the Oculus and Vive / Valve teams are overcoming them one by one. This is so important and exciting because the success of the first consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be a major steps for the virtual reality revolution.

Mobile VR can and will be a huge part of this as well. The virtual reality experience with the Samsung Gear VR headset is already impressive, and many more devices like this will follow in the coming years.

People will spend extended periods of time with their virtual reality headsets so ergonomics. comfort and hygiene play a major role in making virtual reality go mainstream in the future.

Right now virtual reality headsets are padded with foam liners, just like ski goggles. In the future these foam liners will be removable as is already the case with the Samsung Gear VR headset.

VR Cover Under Production

The purpose of VR Cover is to add another layer of natural fabric. So just like with your pillows at home that come into contact with your skin for hours every day, we believe a cover for your virtual reality headset makes perfect sense.

A cover is easier to wash and dry than washing the whole foam every time. A quality cotton cover can be washed over and over while some of the foam used in headsets so far does not seem to be made for repeated washing.

Ever smelled a pillow that did not properly dry? Foam and some forms of padding can store humidity inside and this can result in mold or other undesirable bacteria or fungi growth.

VR Cover is a high quality product made to be washed on a regular basis. Whenever you sweat during one of your longer or more intense virtual reality sessions simply throw your VR Cover along with other dirty clothes into the washing machine.

No need to pay special attention to how to dry it or guessing if it is dry inside. Once it is dry when you touch it, it is ready to use again.

Taking off and attaching headset liners with hook and loop fasteners like Velcro on a regular basis might cause problems too. The US army switched from Velcro back to buttons for their cargo pants in 2010 because the Velcro straps did not keep the pockets properly closed when they were full.

That’s no surprise because the hook side can clog with debris. Even if it’s clean, the hooks straighten out a little each time they’re used, till eventually they won’t grip anymore.

Just like with the technological challenges the current generation of VR headsets face, the ergonomic and hygiene challenges need to be worked out. VR Cover offers a solution to this for the current generation of VR headsets and we are committed to providing virtual reality headset covers and other helpful virtual reality related accessories for future devices so you can enjoy a clean and pleasant time in the metaverse.