Maximize VR Hygiene & Comfort On Meta/Oculus Quest

More than a state-of-the-art, wireless VR headset, Meta/Oculus Quest is a symbol of the industry’s continuing search, or quest, for better VR.

VR Cover joins that quest. Ever committed to hygiene and comfort solutions that leverage innovation, design and premium materials, we are excited to launch a new range of accessories for the Quest. With our easy to install and cleanable foam replacements, custom interfaces and cotton covers, you can now maximise your VR enjoyment for longer.

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set for Oculus Quest

Enhanced Comfort

Your face will love sinking into the soft, cushiony foam and feeling the smooth PU leather exterior.

Better Hygiene

With our wipeable, changeable foams, you will always have a clean VR headset.

Play Longer

Our foams distribute the pressure evenly. Get fewer red marks on your face and more enjoyment in virtual reality!

Easy Sharing

VR gaming with friends is now easier than ever! Switch out the foams quickly in turn when sharing your Quest headsets.

What People Say About Us

VR Cover for Oculus Quest

About Our Meta/Oculus Quest Accessories

Among VR fans, Spring 2019 will always be remembered for the release of Meta/Oculus Quest – the first highly advanced, standalone virtual reality headset to hit the market. With its wireless system supported by six degrees of freedom and large room-scale inside-out tracking, it successfully transforms VR into a sophisticated experience for many. When paired with the Quest Touch Controllers, the revolutionary gaming device allows users to consume VR virtually anywhere.

And there are plenty of exciting titles in the Quest games list to keep one occupied. Less welcomed is the build-up of perspiration, oil and dirt on the original stock foam after multiple sessions.

To help you combat a dirty headset, we have hygiene kits of custom facial interfaces, foam replacements and 100% cotton covers. All made specially to fit the Quest, every accessory can be easily installed and used right away. Got a grimy foam? Just wipe it or swap it out with a fresh replacement. Hate getting sweat on the device? Wrap our absorbent, machine-washable VR Cover over it! When you use our hygiene solutions, you will enjoy a longer and better VR experience!

Whether at home or trade shows, playing with friends or demoing to customers, our products keep you and your headsets clean and protected.