XL Spacer for Oculus Quest 2

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XL Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Designed for Quest 2 and compatible with the original facial interface on the headset and the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface only, the XL Spacer offers a more accommodating fit for users with prescription glasses.

While Meta Quest’s own spacer adds 4mm of space, our XL Spacer adds 6.5mm, thus giving extra room before the display and providing the clearance needed to reduce the potential of your glasses bumping up against the lens.

To achieve the best results with the product, customers are advised to follow the guidelines from Meta Quest on glasses dimensions and the correct way to put on and remove the headset.

The XL Spacer does not work with the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Sets. Visit our Support Page to find out which spacer you need before buying.

XL Spacer for Oculus Quest 2