A Cleaner & Better VR Experience For Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Windows Mixed Reality headsets are Microsoft’s initiative to offer other hardware companies such as Dell, Samsung, Acer or Lenovo a platform for their virtual reality headsets. While each brand holds its own with its unique offering of powerful hardware and distinctive features, all the headsets encounter common issues on comfort and hygiene.

Our solutions to these come in the form of soft, changeable and easy-to-clean foam replacements that improve comfort, making your Windows Mixed Reality headset fresh and clean, and much more enjoyable to use.

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Upgrade Comfort

Our Windows Mixed Reality accessories make long hours of spending time in VR much more comfortable.

Improve Hygiene

Prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria on your Windows Mixed Reality accessories with our easy-to-clean hygiene solutions.

Reduce Pressure

Memory foam replacements reduce pressure and red marks around the eyes when using your Windows Mixed Reality accessories.

Play Better

Experience virtual reality better than ever by upgrading your Windows Mixed Reality stock foam to our foam replacements.

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Lenovo Explorer Foam Replacement 12mm

Windows Mixed Reality Accessories

After you’ve spent a few hours with your VR headset, you’ll begin to notice that it’s no longer as pristine as it once was. Germs, bacteria and dirt can build up without you even realising. At VR Cover, we noticed this and decided to do something about it, which is why we’ve developed a range of Windows Mixed Reality accessories which keep your headset spotlessly clean and improve your VR experience.

We offer a range of products. Our foam replacements are popular for their ease of use and comfort. Our 100% cotton cover which fits right over the existing headset, can help you keep sweat and grime from your headset at all times.

Because our products are easy to clean and our covers machine-washable, you never need to worry about dirty, unhygienic headsets again. Check out our store and improve your VR experience today!

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