Get Effortless Hygiene and Lasting Comfort on Your Meta/Oculus Rift S

Virtual reality is now more accessible than ever with the release of Rift S. Its straightforward set-up, great visuals and powerful Insight tracking all make the journey into VR easy and fun.

To help you enjoy your VR experience every step of the way, we have a range of covers that improve headset hygiene and comfort. Whether you are a newcomer or veteran, you will find our accessories simple to use, practical and convenient.

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VR Cover for Oculus Rift S

Lasting Comfort

Extended VR sessions will feel more comfortable with our soft foam paddings and cotton covers.

Effortless Hygiene

Whether it’s the wipe-clean foams or washable covers you go for, it’s easy to keep your headset hygienic.

Enjoyable Gaming

You’ll enjoy your time in VR so much more knowing the headset is clean and protected.

Better Demos

Our accessories take care of hygiene, so users feel reassured when wearing the headset.

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VR Cover for Oculus Rift S

About Our Accessories for Meta/Oculus Rift S

Meta Quest offers some of the very best VR experiences in its library that take you on great epic adventures. As these tend to be sweat-inducing, it is vital to apply hygienic solutions to your headset, so you can keep going during a session without worry.

At our store, we have absorbent, washable cotton VR Covers that draw sweat from your face to reduce dripping and the accumulation of moisture in the headset. They also prolong the shelf life of the delicate default foam by protecting it from hair and dirt, and daily wear and tear.

As our accessories are changeable, you can swap them out whenever necessary. We highly recommend them for gaming parties, demos, trade shows and other events where headsets are shared. Our products will ensure your equipment feels clean and comfortable for multiple users.

Get a VR Cover accessory today to enjoy the best possible care and protection for your Rift S!

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