VR Cover Sponsorships

VR Master League

Established in early 2017, VR Master League is a community-driven platform powered by the players, for the players, supporting the most competitive VR games on the market

VR Today Magazine

VR Today Magazine is an online source for all things VR. Passionate about the immersive world of VR technology, the magazine provides the latest news, insightful reviews, and comprehensive information in a user-friendly package.

Beat Saber League

The Beat Saber League is a non-profit organisation, created with the intention of hosting and normalising league-style tournaments in Beat Saber.

VR Community Builders

VR Community Builders is a non-profit corporation that promotes individuals and groups committed to the vision of creating positive, inclusive environments in VR and beyond.

VR Cover has sponsored several of their endeavours, such as the Amplified Reality Tour, Echo Arena Sunshine Cup and Population: One Community Cup.

FReality Podcast

F.Reality is an Immersive Technology Podcast presenting the latest news in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. A collaborative effort between @Virtual Reality Oasis, @Nathie, @RowdyVR and @Zimtok5.

XR Games: Quest For The Best

XR Games is an award-winning game development studio specialising in immersive AR and VR content.

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