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Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Get the most out of your Meta/Oculus Quest 2. With our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement, you can now play longer and better.

The hygienic solution includes a facial interface with passive air vents, 2 PU leather foam replacements, a silicone nose guard and a lens cover. Great for extended sessions or workouts, the breathable, wipeable design helps keep things cool by reducing the build-up of hot and humid air from exhalation inside the headset while offering a convenient way to keep your device free of sweat and dirt.

The soft foam replacements come in 2 versions – Standard, which brings you closer to the lens for a wider FOV, and Comfort, a thicker, cushier pad. They install easily on the facial interface and can be adjusted to achieve the best fit. Clean with a microfiber cloth or anti-bacterial wipes to get them spotless again.

For a more immersive experience, there is a nose guard to minimize light leakage and prevent some of the hot air you exhale from entering the headset.

Also included in the set is a soft lens cover to help protect the display from dust.

Perfect for individual use or sharing, the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement gives you everything you need for the best VR experience.

The product is not compatible with the original Quest 2 glasses spacer. For more room before the lens, use the thicker Comfort foam in the set or the VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer. FAQs and installation videos are available here.

Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Quest 2