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  • How to prepare for a VR demo – an Infographic


    Whether you’re a business trying to attract potential customers in a unique way or you’re simply preparing for a family games night, follow our Infographic guide to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    Before you start, take some time to think about the experience you want to offer and the hardware you’re going to use. If you’re representing a business using VR at an event or exhibition the experience should be different to that which you might show to your family or friends. Consider how long you’d like each person to spend with the headset as well as the logistics of the demo, if you want to show the best of VR and offer a real immersive experience the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the obvious choices but they do require much more preparation. Alternatively if you’re planning on showing something more simple such as 360 videos consider the Samsung Gear VR which is completely portable and simple to set up.

    Don’t forget about hygiene! Whether the same headset is going to be used by hundreds of people in a day or you’re showing an active game to a group of friends, the stock headset foam can easily become disgusting with dirt, sweat and bacteria quickly building up. You’ve got a couple of options, disposable covers will improve hygiene but they’re not the most comfortable and can be distracting.

    If you want a more professional looking set up consider the VR Cover PU leather foam replacements and covers. Available for the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and now the Oculus Rift, by using PU leather replacements you don’t need to worry about changing covers between uses, simply wipe down with anti-bacterial wipes or create your own DIY natural headset cleaner to ensure the headset stays fresh and clean.




    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • New Oculus Rift Facial Interfaces & Foam Replacements

    The wait is finally over for Rift users. We are happy to announce that our facial interfaces and foam replacements for the Oculus Rift are now available. If you were part of, or eagerly followed our Kickstarter progress we are pleased to also offer a new foam replacement that works with our facial interface.


    Oculus Rift facial interface & foam replacement Premium Set – $75

    Oculus Rift Facial Interface Set

    As well as receiving a facial interface size of your choice, the two PU leather foam replacements and a VR Cover you’ll also receive our newest Velour memory foam replacements. With this set you’ll have an option for every situation, whether it’s for personal use and you require greater comfort (Velour) or you’re inviting friends over and need a simple hygiene solution (PU leather) you can easily switch the foam replacements between uses.


    Oculus Rift facial interface & foam replacement Set – $49

    Oculus Rift Foam Replacement Set

    Choose either a regular or long  size facial interface, with this set you’ll receive two PU leather foam replacements (a thicker and a thinner version) as well as one of our VR Covers. This is set offers the perfect hygiene solution for the Oculus Rift, just wipe the foam pads clean with anti-bacterial wipes when necessary.


    Oculus Rift foam replacement Velour – $29

    Oculus Rift Velour Foam Replacement

    These Velour foam replacements are designed specifically for our facial interface. They’re the most comfortable way to enjoy the Oculus Rift and are offered in a set of two. Each set contains one thicker pad containing memory foam and one thinner foam pad which increases field of view. For improved hygiene these pads are fully machine washable.



    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets



  • VR Cover Black Friday Deals

    Oculus Rift Hygiene Solution

    Get the new and improved nose free Oculus Rift VR Cover and the HTC Vive VR Cover now for $12 instead of $19 until next Monday.

    Upgrade your VR HMD and enjoy a more comfortable and clean VR experience today.

    Shop Now!


    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • New washable velour foam replacement for the HTC Vive

    HTC Vive Face Foam Pads

    Today we launch our softest and most comfortable foam replacement for the HTC Vive so far.

    It is made from a super soft velour fabric and memory foam. You basically sink into it and it can also be easily washed (wash cold / do not tumble dry).


    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • Stretchable Nosefree Oculus Rift VR Cover

    Oculus Rift VR Cover Oculus Rift Cover Oculus Rift Hygiene Solution

    Our previous VR Cover for the Oculus Rift also covers the space around the nose and prevents some of the light leaking in. This works well but some people felt it was irritating on their nose. This new version of our Oculus Rift VR Cover does not cover the nose part and is made from stretchable and softer fabric that sits a bit tighter on the Oculus Rift compared to our first version.

    We have also improved the overall fit of the VR Cover and sent this version to a few people who experienced problems with our previous version and the feedback has been great.

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