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We’re having an epic one-day sale to spread some virtual reality joy! Use code ‘VRCover10’ to grab 10% off any VR Cover goodies for your headset. But with so many quality accessories to choose from, where do you start? Allow us to enlighten you.

The Crucial Comfort Upgrades

Our facial interfaces and foam replacements are a fan-favorite accessory for tackling dirty stock foam issues. The PU leather foams resist sweat build-up far better than the originals. Easily attaching to the included custom facial interface, the cushions can be adjusted for tailored comfort. Most sets come with two densities – a plush foam for added padding and an option for improved field of view. Integrated into the interface itself are air vents to reduce lens fog and a removable nose guard blocks light leakage for heightened immersion. By enhancing comfort, hygiene and visuals, it’s no wonder these accessories have become our customers’ #1 upgrade pick. Take a look at our best-sellers, the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta/Oculus Quest 2.

Cushions Galore

Explore our foam replacement sets, perfect for those who already own our custom facial interfaces and simply need new cushions. Other options, such as our Samsung O+ foam, do not require a separate facial interface. For Quest 2 users, consider stocking up for summer with our cooling XG foams that provide temporary relief from the heat.

Cotton Candy Dreams

Our brand namesake, the VR Cover, is perfect for short VR sessions with less intense sweating. The multi-layer cotton fabric absorbs moisture, preventing uncomfortable drips. Washable and reusable, it keeps your headset fresh and clean. Fun fact: The Meta Quest 3 VR Cover includes a 2mm foam layer for extra softness.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 3

Medical Grade Silicone Covers

Our silicone covers, designed for easy installation over the stock foam, are available for a few VR headsets. Made of medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone, the covers prevent sweat absorption into the foam. Their practical moisture resistance makes them a staff favorite. Be sure to check out our covers for Quest 2, Meta/Oculus Quest, Rift S and HP Reverb G2.

Protect those Precious Lens

Explore our range of accessories designed to safeguard your Quest 2 headset lens:

  • Soft lens covers shield displays from sunlight damage and scratches during storage. Also compatible with Meta Quest 3.
  • Glasses spacers create space between lenses and glasses frames, preventing scuffs.
  • Our lens protectors are made of high-quality Tritan that features anti-oil, scratch-resistant, and anti-smudge coatings. Plus, they have a blue light filter to reduce eye strain.
Lens Protector, Cover & Spacer for Meta Quest 2

Grip Up Your Controllers

To prevent accidental drops from sweaty or excited hands, our Quest 2 controller grips have non-slip textures and adjustable hand straps. The knuckle straps keep controllers securely held during intense gameplay.

The halo protector rings, wrapping around the controller rings, act as buffers to prevent damage when the controllers accidentally clash together.

Head Gear Comfort

Discover a range of solutions addressing the fit, pressure, and sweat issues of your VR headset. Whether it’s adjustable head straps, moisture-resistant foam pads, or hygienic fabric covers, our accessories are designed to enhance comfort and maintain cleanliness. See our foam pad for the Elite Head Strap here.

Boost Your Quest Cable

Enhance your Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2 experience with our 2m and 5m USB-C cables. Enjoy faster data transfers and efficient charging, and with the longer cable, you can seamlessly connect your headset to your PC using Oculus Link, allowing for more freedom of movement in your play space.

Hygiene in Bulk

Sharing your headset with friends? Equip your entire crew with stacks of disposable VR liners! These universal adhesive covers are a breeze to install, expertly handling sweat like a champ. Toss away the damp mess, apply a fresh one, and continue your adventures sweat-free!

Carry on Questing

Whether you’re heading out for on-the-go gameplay or seeking tidy storage at home, our Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case provides optimal protection for your gear. Custom slots and secure straps keep everything in place, guarding against bumps during transport. The interior features spacious pockets for extras like batteries. With a short carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for convenient transportation, it’s a stylish upgrade from the original Quest 2 box.

Carrying Case for Meta Quest 2

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