Our Black Friday sale is live, running from Nov 20th to Nov 27th, 2023. Enjoy 10% off site-wide with code ‘VRCover10’. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase our quality VR comfort and hygiene accessories at a discounted price. Refresh your VR headset with replacement foams, facial interfaces, cotton and silicone covers, glasses spacers, head straps, lens covers and more. With this diverse selection of accessories, you can upgrade your headset for maximum comfort, hygiene and convenience.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 3

VR gaming is thrilling but can get uncomfortable when faces and lenses get sweaty. Our Meta Quest 3 VR Cover solves both problems. The soft, antimicrobial cotton material layers over the scratchy original foam, providing more comfort. It also features a slim 2mm foam lining for extra cushioning. This cover guards against sweat getting into eyes or on the lens. And its antimicrobial properties prevent odors and bacteria buildup.

While not a full facial interface replacement, our cover shields the original foam from sweat and oils. Simple to install and sold in a 2-pack, these hand-washable, reusable covers allow quick swaps when needed for optimized comfort and hygiene all session long.

Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Accessories

Here are some of our customers’ favorites that we think you might want to check out at this sale too.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 2
Our 100% cotton covers enhance Quest 2 comfort by wicking sweat quickly during workouts and intense gameplay. The 2-pack attaches to the original facial interface and protects the foam from dirt and hair. Easy to install with elastic straps and adjustable ends, these covers are washable and reusable.

Bundled Sets for Meta Quest 2
Our bundled accessory sets deliver a complete comfort and hygiene upgrade. They include a vented facial interface for airflow, two foam replacements (one thin and one thick), a glasses spacer to protect your lenses, and a lens cover to shield the display. The foams let you tweak your experience – get closer to the screen with the thinner pad or relieve pressure with a thicker one. For glass wearers, the spacer prevents scratching, while the lens cover safeguards the display when not in use.

Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2
Our specially designed Quest 2 Controller Grips enable hands-free gaming and better grip control with their non-slip, textured surface. Adjustable knuckle straps suit different hand sizes to keep controllers securely attached. By strapping controllers to your hands, you can game without worry of drops or device damage from sweat and scratches.

Accessories for PlayStation VR2 & HP Reverb G2

PlayStation VR2 and HP Reverb G2 owners, we have these accessories for you!

Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2
Upgrade PSVR2 comfort with our adjustable head strap to distribute weight and soft cotton covers to absorb sweat. Customizable fit and easy to wash, these accessories enhance hygiene.

Silicone Cover for HP Reverb G2
Our silicone cover fits the Reverb G2 face mask perfectly to keep it clean and comfortable. The soft, medical grade silicone prevents sweat absorption into the foam. Easily attachable and washable.

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