Keep Your Valve Index Clean and Protected

Valve Index is a high-end VR system with impressive fidelity and finger-tracking controllers. Our hygiene accessories help you maintain your premium VR headset in tip-top shape. Dirt, bacteria and sweat can be easily removed and have no chance to damage the headset.

Our covers work to protect the face gasket – and our foam replacements offer easy, wipe-dry convenience. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy a more comfortable and hygienic VR experience on your Valve Index.

Valve Index VR Cover

Fresh & Clean

We have wipeable and washable Valve Index accessories to help keep your VR headset hygienic and clean longer.

Practical Solutions

Our interchangeable foam replacements and covers are easy to attach and remove, allowing you to quickly switch them out anytime during a game.

Improved Comfort

The soft cotton covers and smooth PU leather foam pads feel great against the skin. Perfect for extended gaming sessions!

Essential Protection

Install our VR Cover and Foam Replacement to prevent moisture and dirt from building up and damaging your Valve Index VR headset.

What People Say About Us

Valve Index VR Cover

About Our Valve Index Accessories

Valve Index is praised for its great image and sound quality, wider FOV, as well as finger-tracking capability. Together, these features add a new level of immersion not experienced on other VR headsets.

Hands interact in virtual worlds in a realistic way. Speakers suspend inches from your ears to deliver outstanding audio. The display with high resolution and 120Hz refresh rate produce solid visuals. The headset is also mod-friendly – developers can create parts for it, including frunk accessories.

Our Valve Index VR Covers and foam paddings ensure you get the most out of your Index headset. Use the VR Cover on the face gasket to absorb sweat and keep the stock foam padding clean and comfortable. Or apply our PU leather foam replacement instead. It is moisture resistant, easy to install and can be wiped clean.

For practical accessories that take care of hygiene on your Valve Index headset, check out our store today!