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Considering the Meta Quest 3’s impressive features, from its pancake lenses to its enhanced processing power, it’s an exciting step up from the Meta/Oculus Quest 2. Our VR Cover Meta Quest 3 accessories aim to further enrich your VR journey by offering a combination of comfort, hygiene, and functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and carefully selected materials that prioritize comfort and hygiene, they support extended immersive gaming sessions. Explore these custom Meta Quest 3 accessories and experience their benefits firsthand.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Grey)

Comfort Boost

Soft cotton fabric and foam padding give you extra comfort during your VR adventures.

Sweat Protection

Absorbent covers protect your Quest 3 from sweat, oil and dirt build-up.

Hygienic Covers

Anti-microbial, washable fabric ensures a clean and fresh experience every time.

Easy Upgrade

Our simple and secure attachment design enhances your Meta Quest 3 instantly.

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VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Red)

About Our Meta Quest 3 Accessories

Imagine settling into a long session with your Meta Quest 3. The VR Cover, made from washable, mixed-cotton fabric and featuring a thin foam lining, feels like a gentle embrace on your face. It adds a softness around your eyes and forehead, relieving some of that pressure from the headset.

For those intense workouts, these covers double up as a sweat guard, quickly catching drips, and also preventing bits of dirt and hair from falling onto the Quest 3 face pad. And thanks to the fabric’s anti-microbial properties, odors and bacteria are effectively controlled. The installation is easy as stretchy straps snugly secure the cover to the original facial interface

Get the VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 to ensure your next VR experience is both comfortable and hygienic!

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