Keep Clean & Combat Sweat

Virtual reality headsets come in all shapes and sizes to cater to a broad range of user needs. One demand shared by everyone, however, is the need to keep the headset clean and free of bacteria.

Thanks to our Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers, you never need to worry about sweat, stains, dirt, or grime getting left behind on your headset ever again. Just discard a used cover and attach a fresh one to your facial interface and you are all set for your next VR adventure.

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Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover Starter Kit


With the small and soft micro structure of our covers, wearing a headset for extended sessions just got a lot more comfortable.


Sweat absorbent and fitted with special adhesive, these covers keep your headset fresh and clean and ready to use.


Ideal for high-volume situations with constant changeover, these hygienic solutions protect you, users, and potential clients.


Switch out disposable covers in seconds - a speedy and convenient way to ensure your headset is always clean.

Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers

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Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers

About Our Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers

Virtual Reality hygiene solutions can change the way you use VR. We talk to users who are tired of the default hardware. It’s difficult to clean, easy to ruin, and makes sharing headsets a nightmare. That’s where our fantastic range of cleaning accessories comes in. For anyone sharing their hardware at home or showing off incredible new tech to potential customers, it’s never been easier to remove bacteria and keep your headset free of sweat and grime.

With one quick cover change, your headset is fresh and ready to use!

For those who want to make sure their headset is kept in optimum condition – whether it’s made by Meta / Oculus, HTC, Valve or Vajo Aero – our  hygiene solution keeps your hardware clean and bacteria-free to ensure a lifetime of amazing experiences.

Check out our store today and find out why our Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers will make your VR experience even better!

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