VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Grey)

No doubt many of you are looking forward to when the Meta Quest 3 will be in your hands. As you’re counting down the days, it’s worth exploring our latest in custom Meta Quest 3 VR accessories. Specifically, consider how the VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 can enhance both comfort and hygiene for when you finally use the headset.

We all know the thrill that VR games provide. However, for those who tend to sweat, frequent pauses to clean the headset can disrupt the experience. Wearing a damp Quest 3 face pad against your skin can be very uncomfortable. This is where our VR Cover steps in.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Grey)

Crafted from anti-microbial mixed-cotton and lined with a thin layer of foam, the Meta Quest 3 VR Cover prioritizes both comfort and hygiene. Once added to your headset, you’ll immediately notice the difference. The material feels soft – no more scratchy foam! The 2mm foam lining, though slim, gives the right amount of cushioning for a more soothing experience.

But the benefits don’t stop at comfort. Anyone who’s experienced a sweat-heavy VR session understands the challenge of maintaining a clean headset. Our cover serves as an effective Quest 3 sweat guard, capturing those bothersome drips before they reach your eyes or the lens.

The fabric’s antimicrobial properties also work to minimize odors and the presence of bacteria. While it may not serve as a Quest 3 face cover replacement, our cover adds a protective layer to the original foam, shielding it from excess sweat, oil, and dirt.

VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Grey)

As for installation, it’s straightforward. Simply remove the Quest 3 facial interface, attach the cover’s elastic straps to the back of the interface, reinstall, and you’re all set with a more comfortable face cushion.

For added convenience, these custom Meta Quest 3 VR accessories are sold in a pack of two covers. If one becomes soaked mid-game, simply swap it out for the fresh one. They are hand-washable, reusable, and the ideal solution for a cleaner headset.

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VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 (Red)