Custom Meta Quest accessories from VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
VR Cover Fitness Bundle for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest Accessories from VR Cover: Designed for Comfort and Hygiene

At VR Cover, we strive to make your VR experience better with our custom Meta Quest accessories. Our solutions cater to the Meta / Oculus Quest 2, the Oculus Quest, Rift S and Rift and we are excited to find ways to deliver Meta Quest 3 comfort as well. While there is no official news about the new Quest 3 accessories yet, an eagle-eyed fan took to Reddit to share a list of potential add-ons and their prices in Euro, reportedly sourced directly from Meta.

The shared list shows a Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery, a Carrying Case, a Silicone Face Interface, and a Charging Dock. These items align with expectations, especially when considering the recent FCC documents, hinting at an optional charging dock for the Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. Additionally, with the USB-C charging port located within the front-left head strap, it’s evident that the Quest 2 Elite Strap won’t be compatible. A dedicated Meta Quest 3 headstrap makes sense.

There is speculation that the Quest 3 will maintain a weight profile similar to its predecessor. Given the feedback on Quest 2’s front-heavy design, the new iteration might benefit from a strap that offers enhanced support. After all, we’ve seen first-hand how the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap and Elite Strap with battery transformed users’ experiences, improving balance, weight distribution and fit.

While we all await the unveiling of the headset and official Quest 3 upgrades, why not explore some of our custom Meta Quest accessories made for the Quest 2? These include cotton and silicone VR covers, replacement foam and facial interface sets, controller grips and protectors, and more.

VR Cover Meta / Oculus Quest Accessories

Carrying Case

Safeguard your Quest 2 essentials, whether stored at home or on-the-go. Our sturdy case can hold the headset, controllers, and charging gear. Inside, you’ll find custom-fit compartments, shaped to match the devices perfectly. Plus, we’ve added straps to keep everything secure, so nothing shifts around. There are zipped pockets as well to keep smaller items.

Carrying Case for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Carrying Case for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad

You can use this foam pad with the Quest 2 Elite Strap or Elite Strap with Battery. Just attach it to the back, and it’s like a soft cushion for your head. It makes long VR sessions comfy and reduces the pressure. It also keeps your headset more stable during active gaming or workouts. Quest 2 Elite Strap not included

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Silicone Cover

Our silicone cover is a practical way to stop sweat from getting into the stock foam. We use high-quality, medical-grade silicone that is skin-friendly. You can wash it by hand or clean it with anti-bacterial wipes for easy maintenance.

Cotton VR Cover

Perfect for high-intensity usage, these cotton VR covers absorb sweat and protect the stock foam from hair and dirt build-up. They come in a pack of two and can be machine-washed.

VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement

This all-in-one solution has two foam options of different thicknesses, so you can select the one that works best, whether you want to get closer to the screen or have a more cushioned feel around your face. There is also a soft lens cover to shield the lens from scratches, dust, and light.

The facial interface features passive air vents to prevent fogging on the lens. If you prefer something more flexible, consider the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam set. The Fitness facial interface suits various face shapes, thanks to its semi-flexible material.

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Lens Protector

These lens protectors, made from high-quality Tritan with oil-proof, abrasion-resistant, and anti-smudge coatings, shield the lenses from scratches and smudges. They also have a blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue. They install easily and are simple to clean.

Facial Interface Glasses Spacer and XL Spacer

For those wearing glasses, these custom Oculus glasses spacers provide 4.3mm6.5mm of extra clearance to prevent contact between your glasses and the headset lenses.

XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Controller Grips

VR gaming can get intense, and keeping a firm grip on your Meta Quest 3 controllers can be a challenge, especially when your palms get sweaty. For the Quest 2 controllers, our snug grips, provide a secure hold during sweaty moments. Loop the straps over your knuckles, and you can release the devices in-game for more freedom in finger movements.

Halo Protectors

You’re in Beat Saber expert mode, slicing and dicing like a pro. But oops! Accidental controller clashes happen, right? Our halo protectors are like your safety net in those moments, absorbing the impact and minimizing the risk of damage They are easy to install and fit snugly with large holes to maintain tracking accuracy.

Halo Protector and Controller Grips for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Halo Protector and Controller Grips for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Premium USB-C Cable (5m)

Our premium USB-C cable connects your Meta/Oculus Quest 2 to your PC through Oculus Link, offering high-speed data transfer (10Gbps) and power delivery (20V/3A) for a smoother gaming experience. With its generous 5m (16.4ft) length, you can move freely in your virtual playground. The flexible nylon braided construction adds durability, and the 90-degree connector reduces strain on your headset’s data port. It even comes with a strap to keep things neat and tidy.

Premium USB-C Cable for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 - 5m
Premium USB-C Cable for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 - 5m

Universal Disposable Cover

Think of it as a handy disposable shield for your VR headset. It’s a quick layer of protection that fits most VR headsets, soaking up sweat and keeping your headset clean. No more worrying about drips making a mess. Whether you’re sharing headsets or flying solo, you can grab it in packs of 25 or 50. It’s all about hygiene, comfort, and convenience.

Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam
Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam

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