Meta Quest 3 Release - What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023. The photo shows the Quest 3 headset and Touch Plus controllers.
Screenshot from Meta

Meta Quest 3 Release: What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023

If history is any indication from past Meta VR headset launches, such as those for the Meta Quest Pro and the Oculus Quest 2 (now rebranded as Meta Quest 2), it’s expected that the upcoming Meta Quest 3 will see its official debut during the Meta Connect 2023 keynote.

This gathering is shaping up to be the spotlight moment for the Meta Quest 3 release. Adding to the anticipation, Meta’s post on X on August 1st confirmed a Quest 3 announcement during the event. There’s speculation that preorders might open on the same day. Meanwhile, enthusiasts can register on Meta’s website to stay updated.

FCC Approvals

The VR detectives have been hard at work uncovering more information about the Meta Quest 3, and while Meta hasn’t confirmed the specifics, there’s a lot we’ve learned about the headset in recent weeks.

Before launching a product in the US, especially one with wireless features, companies usually need a nod from the FCC. Good news: the Quest 3 headset has secured this approval.

Noted by UploadVR, even though the official documents do not mention the Meta Quest 3 directly, the headset’s distinctive strap arm and its new curved speaker design are clearly shown.

Meta Quest 3: 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E Support Confirmed

There’s more under the hood. The Quest 3 is expected to support not just the usual 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands but also the zippier 6GHz band from Wi-Fi 6E. This promises faster connection speeds, minimal interruptions, and an optimized VR experience, especially if your router is nearby.

And the features don’t stop there. The Meta Quest 3 is set to impress with a slimmer design, a cutting-edge Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, and superior display quality.

Meta Quest 3 Touch Plus Controllers: Battery and 2.4 GHz Spectrum

Meta Quest 3’s Touch Plus controllers have also received FCC approval. The documents reveal that each controller relies on a single AA battery, similar to the Quest 2 controllers. This means that only the Meta Quest Pro’s Touch Pro controllers come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Plus, these new controllers will operate on the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum, just like Meta’s earlier models.

Charging Solutions: The New Dock on the Block

The recent FCC documents also hint at an optional charging dock for the Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. While Meta remains silent on this front, images of the headset showcasing charging contacts suggest the availability of this Meta Quest 3 accessory. The dock might even offer wireless charging capabilities for the Touch Plus controllers.

Meta Quest 3: Meta’s Most Powerful Headset Yet

The Meta Quest 3 will likely surpass the Oculus Quest 2 in many aspects. Expectations are high for a 30% improvement in picture clarity and possibly an enhanced screen refresh rate. The device boasts two cameras for capturing 3D visuals and a specialized sensor that accurately gauges distances.

The Quest 3 has a sleek design that looks good and feels comfy. It has many features like a USB-C port, volume buttons, and a shield to block light.

Its controllers give a deeper feel with special feedback. The Quest 3 also has cameras for safety to avoid accidental bumps and collisions. Adding to its allure, Meta has rolled out a monthly subscription, treating members to two new games regularly.

Meta envisions a VR world for all. The Meta Quest 3 release aims to open the doors of virtual reality to a broader audience, aligning with Meta’s revised age criteria that now welcomes youngsters as early as ten years old, down from the previous 13. Meta recently made Roblox available to users of the Quest 2 VR headset through an open beta. Since many kids love Roblox, this helps Meta bring VR to more people.

The Grand Announcement and Pricing

So mark your calendars for September 27, everyone! That’s the day we’re all eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 at Meta Connect 2023. As for the price, industry experts are placing their bets on a $499 tag. It’s a slight bump from the Quest 2 but offers a more wallet-friendly option compared to competitors like the Apple Vision Pro or PlayStation VR2.