Custom Meta Quest accessories from VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Best Meta Quest Accessories from VR Cover

Custom Meta Quest accessories from VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
VR Cover Fitness Bundle for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest Accessories from VR Cover: Designed for Comfort and Hygiene

At VR Cover, we strive to make your VR experience better with our custom Meta Quest accessories. Our solutions cater to the Meta / Oculus Quest 2, the Oculus Quest, Rift S and Rift and we are excited to find ways to deliver Meta Quest 3 comfort as well. While there is no official news about the new Quest 3 accessories yet, an eagle-eyed fan took to Reddit to share a list of potential add-ons and their prices in Euro, reportedly sourced directly from Meta.

The shared list shows a Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery, a Carrying Case, a Silicone Face Interface, and a Charging Dock. These items align with expectations, especially when considering the recent FCC documents, hinting at an optional charging dock for the Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. Additionally, with the USB-C charging port located within the front-left head strap, it’s evident that the Quest 2 Elite Strap won’t be compatible. A dedicated Meta Quest 3 headstrap makes sense.

There is speculation that the Quest 3 will maintain a weight profile similar to its predecessor. Given the feedback on Quest 2’s front-heavy design, the new iteration might benefit from a strap that offers enhanced support. After all, we’ve seen first-hand how the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap and Elite Strap with battery transformed users’ experiences, improving balance, weight distribution and fit.

While we all await the unveiling of the headset and official Quest 3 upgrades, why not explore some of our custom Meta Quest accessories made for the Quest 2? These include cotton and silicone VR covers, replacement foam and facial interface sets, controller grips and protectors, and more.

VR Cover Meta / Oculus Quest Accessories

Carrying Case

Safeguard your Quest 2 essentials, whether stored at home or on-the-go. Our sturdy case can hold the headset, controllers, and charging gear. Inside, you’ll find custom-fit compartments, shaped to match the devices perfectly. Plus, we’ve added straps to keep everything secure, so nothing shifts around. There are zipped pockets as well to keep smaller items.

Carrying Case for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Carrying Case for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad

You can use this foam pad with the Quest 2 Elite Strap or Elite Strap with Battery. Just attach it to the back, and it’s like a soft cushion for your head. It makes long VR sessions comfy and reduces the pressure. It also keeps your headset more stable during active gaming or workouts. Quest 2 Elite Strap not included

Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
Elite Headstrap Foam Pad for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Silicone Cover

Our silicone cover is a practical way to stop sweat from getting into the stock foam. We use high-quality, medical-grade silicone that is skin-friendly. You can wash it by hand or clean it with anti-bacterial wipes for easy maintenance.

Cotton VR Cover

Perfect for high-intensity usage, these cotton VR covers absorb sweat and protect the stock foam from hair and dirt build-up. They come in a pack of two and can be machine-washed.

VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
VR Cover for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement

This all-in-one solution has two foam options of different thicknesses, so you can select the one that works best, whether you want to get closer to the screen or have a more cushioned feel around your face. There is also a soft lens cover to shield the lens from scratches, dust, and light.

The facial interface features passive air vents to prevent fogging on the lens. If you prefer something more flexible, consider the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam set. The Fitness facial interface suits various face shapes, thanks to its semi-flexible material.

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Lens Protector

These lens protectors, made from high-quality Tritan with oil-proof, abrasion-resistant, and anti-smudge coatings, shield the lenses from scratches and smudges. They also have a blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue. They install easily and are simple to clean.

Facial Interface Glasses Spacer and XL Spacer

For those wearing glasses, these custom Oculus glasses spacers provide 4.3mm6.5mm of extra clearance to prevent contact between your glasses and the headset lenses.

XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Controller Grips

VR gaming can get intense, and keeping a firm grip on your Meta Quest 3 controllers can be a challenge, especially when your palms get sweaty. For the Quest 2 controllers, our snug grips, provide a secure hold during sweaty moments. Loop the straps over your knuckles, and you can release the devices in-game for more freedom in finger movements.

Halo Protectors

You’re in Beat Saber expert mode, slicing and dicing like a pro. But oops! Accidental controller clashes happen, right? Our halo protectors are like your safety net in those moments, absorbing the impact and minimizing the risk of damage They are easy to install and fit snugly with large holes to maintain tracking accuracy.

Halo Protector and Controller Grips for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Halo Protector and Controller Grips for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Premium USB-C Cable (5m)

Our premium USB-C cable connects your Meta/Oculus Quest 2 to your PC through Oculus Link, offering high-speed data transfer (10Gbps) and power delivery (20V/3A) for a smoother gaming experience. With its generous 5m (16.4ft) length, you can move freely in your virtual playground. The flexible nylon braided construction adds durability, and the 90-degree connector reduces strain on your headset’s data port. It even comes with a strap to keep things neat and tidy.

Premium USB-C Cable for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 - 5m
Premium USB-C Cable for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 - 5m

Universal Disposable Cover

Think of it as a handy disposable shield for your VR headset. It’s a quick layer of protection that fits most VR headsets, soaking up sweat and keeping your headset clean. No more worrying about drips making a mess. Whether you’re sharing headsets or flying solo, you can grab it in packs of 25 or 50. It’s all about hygiene, comfort, and convenience.

Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam
Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam

Looking for custom Meta Quest accessories compatible with the Oculus Quest, Rift S, or Rift? Take a look at our other VR Cover products:

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

VR Cover Quest 2 Glasses Spacer in Value Bundle

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set with XL Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Blue & Black)

Ever knocked your glasses against the lenses in your Quest 2 during an intense gaming session? You’re not alone. That’s why our custom Oculus Quest 2 glasses spacers are a must-have. They add a gap of 4.3mm – 6.5mm to protect both your eyewear and the headset lenses.

But it’s not just about protection – your glasses will feel more comfortable with the extra room. It’s also easy to install the VR Cover Quest 2 glasses spacers. Best of all, you can now grab them in a value bundle with the Facial Interface and Foam Replacement accessories. Available at our regional North America, Europe and International online stores.

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2
Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set with XL Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Grey & Black)

Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with XL Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Two editions of the Fitness set are available: Dark Grey & Black and Dark Blue & Black

What’s included:

  • XL Spacer: It provides an extra 6.5 mm of distance between your eyewear and the lenses of your Quest 2, minimizing the risk of any contact.
  • Custom Oculus Quest 2 face pads: The Standard foam offers thicker padding to reduce red pressure marks on the face while the slimmer Minimal foam gives an expanded FOV. Interchangeable and adjustable on the facial interface, these PU leather VR covers are designed for ease of cleaning to help you keep your VR headset clean and hygienic.
  • Fitness Facial Interface: This VR Cover facial interface is semi-flexible which makes it suitable for different face shapes. To reduce lens fog are upper and lower passive air vents that let cool air in and hot air out.
  • Silicone Nose Guard: It features wide nose flaps, providing extra coverage around the nose gap to block some of the light leaking through.
  • Lens Cover: It fits snugly over the display, shielding the Oculus Quest 2 lenses from dust, light and scratches when your headset is not in use.

Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Standard Edition)
Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Standard Edition)

We also have other Facial Interface & Foam Replacement options that let you enjoy your Quest 2 in comfort and style.

  • Virtual Reality Oasis Edition: Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
    Includes: VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer, light blue facial interface, light grey Standard & Comfort foams, nose guard, lens cover


  • ThrillSeeker Edition: Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
    Includes: VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer, rose-colored facial interface, light grey Standard & Comfort foams, nose guard, lens cover


  • Standard Edition: Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
    Includes: VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer, dark olive facial interface, black Standard & Comfort foams, nose guard, lens cover


  • Dark Red & Black (Only at VR Cover Europe): Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2.
    Includes: VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer, dark red facial interface, black Standard & Comfort foams, nose guard, lens cover


  • Dark Red & Light Grey (Only at VR Cover Europe): Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2
    Includes: VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer, dark red facial interface, light grey Standard & Comfort foams, nose guard, lens cover

Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Virtual Reality Oasis edition)
Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Virtual Reality Oasis Edition)
Facial Interface and Foam Replacement with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Thrillseeker edition)
Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (ThrillSeeker Edition)

GIVEAWAY! Win one of 5 sets. Participate now by heading over to our Instagram or X account and checking out our latest post. Simply follow the steps outlined in that post, and keep an eye on our social media accounts as we’ll be announcing the lucky winners there! Good luck! Closing date: September 7th, 2023 (PT 24:00 hrs) Read the terms and conditions of the giveaway here.

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set with Facial Interface Spacer for Meta:Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Red & Black)

VR Cover Glasses Spacer, Facial Interface & Foam Giveaway - Terms & Conditions

VR Cover Glasses Spacer Set Giveaway – Terms & Conditions

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Agreement to Rules: By entering the giveaway (“Sweepstakes”), the contestant (“You”) agree to comply with and abide by these Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor (“VR Cover”), and you represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements. In addition, you agree to accept the VR Cover’s decisions as final and binding as it relates to the content of this campaign. Entrants should look solely to VR Cover with any questions, comments or issues related to the giveaway.

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What the Meta Quest 3 VR Headset and Controllers Look Like. The image shows a close up of the Quest 3 lenses

What the Meta Quest 3 VR Headset and Controllers Look Like

The image shows what the Meta Quest 3 and controllers look like.

What the Meta Quest 3 VR Headset and Controllers Look Like

Meta Quest fans got an unexpected treat recently. A surprise unboxing video popped up on the internet, showing what the Meta Quest 3 VR headset and controllers look like. Posted on Reddit first, and then on X (previously known as Twitter) by user VR Panda. Alex From CHN, the video quickly generated a lot of buzz.

While it offers limited information and leaves many Meta Quest 3 specs still shrouded in mystery, the leaked video does provide valuable visual confirmation of the device’s design and aesthetics.

The Unboxing

In the video, we see a brown Meta Quest 3 box being opened and the VR headset and two Touch Plus controllers taken out. The headset stands out with its streamlined design, which is noticeably thinner than its predecessor, the Oculus Quest 2.

Meta has already confirmed this, highlighting a 40% reduction in the headset’s profile on their website. Such a compact design suggests enhanced comfort, which is likely to be a hit among users who indulge in extended VR gaming.

We also get a good look at the Touch Plus controllers. The design of the controllers align with what Meta had teased earlier in June. Interestingly, one thing that’s missing from the video is the charging dock. Though Meta hasn’t officially announced it, an FCC approval hints that such an accessory will be launched — potentially as a separate purchase.

Meta Quest 3 is Coming Soon.

Price-wise, the Quest 3 is set to have a tag of $499. For this cost, buyers can expect a device that promises superior clarity and enhanced features compared to the more budget-friendly Quest 2. Mark Zuckerberg, the big boss at Meta, has shared his excitement about the Quest 3. He believes it stands out because of its advanced mixed reality capabilities and its sleek, modern design.

We’re all eagerly waiting for the grand reveal on September 27th at Meta Connect 2023. Even though we’ve seen a bit of what the Meta Quest 3 VR headset and controllers look like in the leaked video, we’re more excited to find out all the things the device can do.

Meta Quest 3 Release - What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023. The photo shows the Quest 3 headset and Touch Plus controllers.

Meta Quest 3 Release: What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023

Meta Quest 3 Release - What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023. The photo shows the Quest 3 headset and Touch Plus controllers.
Screenshot from Meta

Meta Quest 3 Release: What to Expect at Meta Connect 2023

If history is any indication from past Meta VR headset launches, such as those for the Meta Quest Pro and the Oculus Quest 2 (now rebranded as Meta Quest 2), it’s expected that the upcoming Meta Quest 3 will see its official debut during the Meta Connect 2023 keynote.

This gathering is shaping up to be the spotlight moment for the Meta Quest 3 release. Adding to the anticipation, Meta’s post on X on August 1st confirmed a Quest 3 announcement during the event. There’s speculation that preorders might open on the same day. Meanwhile, enthusiasts can register on Meta’s website to stay updated.

FCC Approvals

The VR detectives have been hard at work uncovering more information about the Meta Quest 3, and while Meta hasn’t confirmed the specifics, there’s a lot we’ve learned about the headset in recent weeks.

Before launching a product in the US, especially one with wireless features, companies usually need a nod from the FCC. Good news: the Quest 3 headset has secured this approval.

Noted by UploadVR, even though the official documents do not mention the Meta Quest 3 directly, the headset’s distinctive strap arm and its new curved speaker design are clearly shown.

Meta Quest 3: 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E Support Confirmed

There’s more under the hood. The Quest 3 is expected to support not just the usual 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands but also the zippier 6GHz band from Wi-Fi 6E. This promises faster connection speeds, minimal interruptions, and an optimized VR experience, especially if your router is nearby.

And the features don’t stop there. The Meta Quest 3 is set to impress with a slimmer design, a cutting-edge Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, and superior display quality.

Meta Quest 3 Touch Plus Controllers: Battery and 2.4 GHz Spectrum

Meta Quest 3’s Touch Plus controllers have also received FCC approval. The documents reveal that each controller relies on a single AA battery, similar to the Quest 2 controllers. This means that only the Meta Quest Pro’s Touch Pro controllers come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Plus, these new controllers will operate on the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum, just like Meta’s earlier models.

Charging Solutions: The New Dock on the Block

The recent FCC documents also hint at an optional charging dock for the Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. While Meta remains silent on this front, images of the headset showcasing charging contacts suggest the availability of this Meta Quest 3 accessory. The dock might even offer wireless charging capabilities for the Touch Plus controllers.

Meta Quest 3: Meta’s Most Powerful Headset Yet

The Meta Quest 3 will likely surpass the Oculus Quest 2 in many aspects. Expectations are high for a 30% improvement in picture clarity and possibly an enhanced screen refresh rate. The device boasts two cameras for capturing 3D visuals and a specialized sensor that accurately gauges distances.

The Quest 3 has a sleek design that looks good and feels comfy. It has many features like a USB-C port, volume buttons, and a shield to block light.

Its controllers give a deeper feel with special feedback. The Quest 3 also has cameras for safety to avoid accidental bumps and collisions. Adding to its allure, Meta has rolled out a monthly subscription, treating members to two new games regularly.

Meta envisions a VR world for all. The Meta Quest 3 release aims to open the doors of virtual reality to a broader audience, aligning with Meta’s revised age criteria that now welcomes youngsters as early as ten years old, down from the previous 13. Meta recently made Roblox available to users of the Quest 2 VR headset through an open beta. Since many kids love Roblox, this helps Meta bring VR to more people.

The Grand Announcement and Pricing

So mark your calendars for September 27, everyone! That’s the day we’re all eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 at Meta Connect 2023. As for the price, industry experts are placing their bets on a $499 tag. It’s a slight bump from the Quest 2 but offers a more wallet-friendly option compared to competitors like the Apple Vision Pro or PlayStation VR2.

Is the PSVR2 worth it? This article tries to answer the question by looking at its specs, controllers, games and more. The image shows the PlayStation VR2 headset and Sense controllers.

Is the PSVR2 Worth It?

Is the PSVR2 worth it? This article tries to answer the question by looking at its specs, controllers, games and more. The image shows the PlayStation VR2 headset and Sense controllers.
Screenshot from PlayStation

Is the PSVR2 Worth It?

“Is the PSVR2 worth it?” and “Is the PSVR2 any good?” are some of the pressing questions echoed in the PlayStation and VR gaming community. Despite carrying a price tag that surpasses the PS5, the PSVR2 selling well since its debut in February 2023 indicates a high demand for its premium VR experience. In this article, we discuss the PSVR2’s specs and features to assess its value.

PSVR2 Headset
Display method: OLED
Panel resolution: 2000 x 2040 per eye
Panel refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz
Lens separation: Adjustable
Field of View: Approx. 110 degrees
Sensors: Motion sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)

Attachment sensor: IR proximity sensor
Cameras: 4 embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking

IR camera for eye tracking per eye
Feedback: Vibration on headset
Communication with PS5: USB Type-C®
Audio: Input: Built-in microphone

Output: Stereo headphone jack

PSVR2 Design Evolution

Sony’s PSVR2 is all about giving you a great gaming experience. While it has some looks from the original PSVR, there’re several modifications aimed at making your VR experience even better.

To tailor the fit for every individual, the headset is equipped with adjustable headband arms and a small wheel at the rear to tighten or loosen the strap. The wired earbuds plug in neatly into the audio jack on the headset. If hooking up systems with multiple cables is not your thing, you would be happy to know that with the PSVR2, you’ll only have to connect one USB Type-C cable to the front of your PS5.

Where your head rests against the headband, there is a rubberized cushion on the front and back. Wrapped around the lens is also a rubberized material that acts as a shield to keep outside light out.

With the PSVR2’s unique headband design, the screen sits comfortably atop your head, rather than pressed against your face. Want a clearer view? Just tweak the lens distance adjustment dial at the top to align the lens to the center of your eyes.

Down below the headset, you’ll find the power and settings buttons. There’s also a handy function button. Press that to get the See-through View which shows your surroundings in black and white. Need some quiet? This button also mutes your mic.

A scope adjustment button at the top moves the display closer or farther from you. And when you’re setting things up for the first time, the four front-facing cameras will map out your room and create a safe play space.

Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2
PSVR2 accessories: VR Cover Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2

PSVR2 Uncomfortable?

PSVR2 Accessories: Enhancing Comfort with VR Cover

Feeling a pinch on the forehead with the PSVR2? You’re not alone. Some gamers have mentioned a bit of discomfort there. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing for you: the Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2. Our support strap, designed to go across the top of the head, helps distribute the weight of the device more evenly, so there is less pressure on those sensitive areas. You can loosen the strap for more comfort or tighten it to keep that sweet spot, whatever feels right.

The set also includes absorbent cotton covers for the front and back of the headband. If you’re breaking a sweat during those epic gaming marathons, these VR covers come to the rescue by capturing drips quickly, ensuring your headset stays nice and clean. The covers can be easily removed and washed to maintain hygiene.

PSVR2 Sense Controllers
Buttons: Right - PS button, Options button, Action buttons (Circle / Cross), R1 button, R2 button, Right Stick / R3 button

Left - PS button, Create button, Action buttons (Triangle / Square), L1 button, L2 button, Left Stick / L3 button
Sensing/Tracking: Motion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope + three-axis accelerometer)

Capacitive sensor: Finger touch detection

IR LED: Position tracking
Feedback: Trigger effect (on R2/L2 button), haptic feedback (by single actuator per unit)
Port: USB Type-C®
Communication: Bluetooth® Ver5.1
Battery: Type: Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Intuitive Controllers: A Gamer’s Delight

The PSVR2 Sense controllers feel like an extension of your hands due to their advanced haptic feedback. The rings around the wrist have infrared lamps, and the headset uses these to track your hand movements, making every action precise.

Now, let’s talk buttons. Each controller has a thumbstick and a PlayStation button to access the Control Centre. On the left, you’ve got the Square, Triangle, and Create buttons. On the right, Circle, X, and Options. In the middle of the grip, there’s the L1 and R1 buttons. These sense your finger’s touch, letting you interact with games in a new way.

The adaptive triggers on the L2 and R2 buttons are game-changing. They enhance the immersion by letting you feel different levels of force depending on the type of interaction, from the tension of a bowstring, for example, to the weight of a door.

Display & Sensory Experience: Next-Level Immersion

The PSVR2’s OLED display makes everything look bright and sharp. It has 4K HDR, a wide 110-degree view, and a clear resolution of 2000×2040 for each eye. With smooth frame rates of 90/120Hz, you’re also less likely to feel dizzy in VR.

The PSVR2 definitely offers a deeper gaming experience with its Sense controllers, eye tracking, and headset feedback. For instance, the game can tell where you’re looking, so you might pick up an item just by staring at it. And with Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech and the headset’s vibrating motor, you don’t just play the game; you feel it.

Setting Up: A Breeze

Setting up the PSVR2 is simple. After you’ve plugged the headset into your PS5 via the USB-C port, follow the instructions to scan the room. If you want to move around in the game, make sure you have a 2×2 meter area clear. You’ll be asked to check your room’s lighting and then to wear the headset. Adjust it until the view is clear and centered. Once everything’s set, you’ll see the PlayStation menu. From there, you can start a PSVR2 game.

To connect the controllers to the PS5 in the initial set-up, use the included USB-C to Type-A cable. Then press the PlayStation button on the controllers to pair them up with the console.

PSVR2 Games

Old VR games port nicely on the new PSVR2 headset though as the PSVR2 isn’t backward-compatible with the original PSVR game library, it means a lot of titles aren’t supported. One new game that stands out is Horizon Call of the Mountain. It’s specially made for PSVR2 and shows off its top-notch tech. The game is beautiful to look at and the controllers and headset give real-feel feedback.

Other highly-rated games for PSVR2 include Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution, and Synapse. However, since many beloved VR games are exclusive to the original platform, some gamers are holding off on buying the new headset. On the bright side, more and more titles are being added to its library and several games are in development.

Should I Buy the PSVR2?

As many are wondering, “Should I buy the PSVR2?”, they are also waiting for Quest 3’s launch in fall before making a decision. Yet despite its significant cost and current limitations in game compatibility, the PSVR2 remains attractive due to its great features that give you an amazing VR experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Roblox brand name on a background of Roblox avatars

Roblox: Kid-Safe Gaming and Playing on Quest

The Roblox brand name on a background of Roblox avatars
Screenshot from Roblox

Roblox: Kid-Safe Gaming

If you’ve got kids, nieces, or nephews who are into gaming, chances are you’ve heard of Roblox. It’s the talk of the playground, the buzz of the school bus, and the virtual hangout spot for young gamers worldwide. But what is it exactly? And more importantly, is it safe for your kids? Let’s find out!

Why Kids Can’t Get Enough of Roblox

Roblox isn’t just a game; it’s a whole universe of experiences created by users just like your kids. It’s a platform where they can let their imaginations run wild, designing avatars, building houses, and playing games. But what makes Roblox a hit among the young crowd?

One reason is the freedom it offers. Kids can create and do pretty much anything they fancy. Another is the social aspect. Roblox makes it super easy to invite friends to join in on the fun, and with open chat channels, staying connected is a breeze. Plus, with a plethora of content catering to all interests and ages, there’s something for everyone.

Roblox is also easily accessible. It can be played on a PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device. And in a July update from Meta, Roblox is now available to try on Meta / Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets via Roblox Open Beta.

Roblox Enters the VR Realm: Play Roblox on Quest 2 and Quest Pro

For a while now, Roblox has supported PC-based headsets, like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index. And previously, to get your Roblox fix on the Quest 2, you’d have to tether the headset to your computer.

But those days are behind us! Roblox has now gone standalone, freeing you from the need to connect some of the Quest headsets to your computer. On 27 July 2023, Meta announced that Roblox Open Beta has made its debut on Meta Quest VR headsets. Now, users aged 13 and up can explore the vast array of experiences that Roblox has to offer on Meta Quest 2 and Pro. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for developers to test out new experiences and optimize them for standalone VR hardware.

Safety First: Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

As a parent, your child’s safety is your top priority. So, is Roblox safe for kids? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Roblox doesn’t have a minimum age requirement, and users of any age can create and join groups, chat, and interact with others. Such an open approach poses some safety risks but Roblox has multiple precautions in place.

Roblox Safety Precautions and Parental Controls

Roblox provides account controls that empower adults to set boundaries on how children engage on the platform and the kind of games they can access. It also has a chat filter that swaps out any unsuitable language with symbols. Parents can turn off chat or messaging features, limit game access to a handpicked list of age-suitable games, and even set a monthly cap on the amount of money (if any) their child can splurge on Roblox’s in-game currency.

Roblox Age Rating

Roblox has provided some experience guidelines and age recommendations.

While there’s no official age rating for the overall Roblox platform, organizations like Common Sense Media rate it as suitable for users age 13 and up, thanks to the controls in place and the learning potential Roblox offers.

VR Cover: Enhancing the Roblox VR Experience

If your kids are playing Roblox on VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2, or Meta Quest Pro, you might want to check out VR Cover. These accessories are designed to enhance comfort and maintain hygiene on the devices.

VR Cover Fitness set

VR Cover Accessories for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

From the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set for Meta / Oculus Quest 2, which replaces the original face cushion with wipeable PU leather foam replacements, to the Lens Protector for Meta / Oculus Quest 2, which reduces eye fatigue and helps prevent the lens from being scratched, VR Cover is your one-stop solution for all your Quest 2 accessory needs.

VR Cover for Oculus Quest Pro

VR Cover Accessories for Meta Quest Pro

Need a hygienic cover for the Meta Quest Pro? We have a washable Head Strap Cover made of cotton that helps absorb sweat, allowing an immersive experience without the discomfort of drips.

VR Cover Accessories for Other Headsets

We have products specially designed for HTC Vive and Value Index. Purchase these accessories at our original store.

Regardless if you’re a parent, an aunt, an uncle, or a guardian, you have the power to ensure your kids enjoy a safe and fun-filled experience on Roblox. This can be achieved by activating the privacy settings and imparting valuable lessons on online safety. And with the right accessories, their VR experience can be comfortable and hygienic too. Here’s to happy and safe gaming!

Quest 2 vs Quest 3

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Upgrade or Stick with the Old?

Quest 2 vs Quest 3
Screenshot from Meta

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Upgrade or Stick with the Old?

Welcome to the ultimate face-off: Quest 2 vs Quest 3! If you’re a proud owner of a Quest 2, you might be wondering if it’s time to part ways with your trusty sidekick and buy a shiny new Quest 3 when it launches in fall. The estimated release date is anticipated to be on September 27, 2023, at ​​Meta Connect.

Or perhaps you’re new to the VR world, standing at the crossroads, trying to decide which headset to invite into your life. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll cover the key enhancements that the Meta Quest 3 offers over the Meta / Oculus Quest 2. So, let’s delve into the details!

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: The Price Factor

Price is often a decisive factor when it comes to buying a new product. The Meta Quest 3 is priced at $499 for the 128GB model, a $200 increase compared to its predecessor with the same storage. But it’s much cheaper than the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro. The Quest 2, with 256GB, sells for $429, and the 128GB model is now $299 since June.

Although the Quest 3 comes with a higher price tag than the Quest 2, it does offer a host of new hardware and features. So while the Quest 3 might require a bigger investment, it also promises a bigger return in terms of performance and user experience.

Meta Quest 2 Specs vs Meta Quest 3 Specs

QUEST 2 SPECS QUEST 3 SPECS (confirmed & speculated)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 (TBC)
Display type LCD LCD
Resolution per eye 1832 x 1920 2064 × 2208 (TBC)
Refresh rate 60, 72, 90 Hz supported 120Hz (TBC)
Field of view (FOV) roughly 90-100 degrees 100 degrees (TBC)
Storage 128GB & 256GB 128GB & larger size (TBC)
RAM 6 GB 12 GB (TBC)
Battery life 2 – 3 hours 2 – 3 hours
Size 7.5 x 4 x 5.2 inches 40% slimmer than Quest 2
Weight 1.1 pounds About the same as Quest 2 (TBC)
Mixed reality passthrough Black & white passthrough Full color passthrough

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Performance

While the full details of the Meta Quest 3 specs remain undisclosed, it is confirmed that the Quest 3 will use a Qualcomm chipset, potentially the Snapdragon XR2+ or newer. This will enhance the speed of navigating the interface and launching apps. Gaming on the Quest 3 will also feel faster than on the Quest 2. Meta claims that the Quest 3 will deliver “twice the graphical performance” of the Quest 2’s Snapdragon XR2. This means VR on the Quest 3 will appear more detailed and realistic.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Displays

While the Quest 2’s display is decent, other headsets offer superior visual quality. For instance, the PSVR2 boasts two 4K OLED displays. The Quest 2 offers a resolution of 1832 x 1920 per eye, on par with the Meta Quest Pro. Although the specific screen specifications of the Quest 3 have not yet been officially announced, Meta has mentioned that the Quest 3 combines their highest resolution display with pancake optics, which will result in content that looks better than ever.

The Quest 3 is also rumored to have an improved field of view (FOV) compared to the Quest 2. The Quest 3’s higher resolution display and pancake optics, plus an improved FOV, should make for a more immersive experience. Its LCD display has about 30% more resolution than the Quest 2 as described on Best Buy, which translates to 4,128 x 2,208 pixels in total, or 2,064 x 2,208 pixels for each eye.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Mixed Reality Features

The Quest 2 and Quest 3 differ significantly in their mixed reality capabilities. While the Quest 2 offers basic location tracking through its black and white video Passthrough, the Quest 3 takes mixed reality to the next level. It has two 4MP RGB color Passthrough cameras on its front visor that will deliver 10x the Passthrough resolution of Quest 2. This means you’ll get more accurate colors and a lifelike view of the surrounding environment.

The Quest 3 also introduces a first-of-its-kind depth sensor on the front. This sensor helps the Smart Guardian system map your room automatically. This means virtual and real objects can interact more realistically. For example, a virtual ball will bounce off real objects that you’ve marked out in VR, just like a real ball would.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Design

The design of the Quest 3 is a noticeable departure from the Quest 2. (See what is looks like in a leaked, unboxing video!) Slimmer and more streamlined, its small-form factor is made possible by the use of pancake optics. The front of the headset is adorned with three pill-shaped compartments that house the camera and sensor array, along with two extra tracking cameras on the lower sides.

The Quest 3’s revamped design also includes a wheel for adjusting the lens distance, allowing users to customize the interpupillary distance (IPD). Although it will retain a USB-C port and a 3.5mm audio port, their positions have been changed, which means some Quest 2 accessories will not be compatible with the new model, such as the Quest 2 Elite Strap. In fact, a Reddit post has suggested that a Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery will be made available soon.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Controllers

The Quest 3 will feature Meta’s newly designed Touch Plus controllers. These controllers are not only sleeker and more comfortable to hold, but they also provide enhanced haptic feedback for a more immersive experience.

Unlike the Quest 2’s Touch controllers, which have IR LED rings, or the self-tracking Touch Pro controllers, which have cameras, the Touch Plus controllers lack these features. Instead, they will have a full-body LED layout. This design, combined with the depth sensor, gives more precise controller-free hand tracking.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Battery Life

The Quest 2’s battery usually holds a charge for about 2 to 3 hours, but heavy gaming can shorten this duration. As per Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth’s comments in a Q&A session, we can anticipate a similar battery lifespan for the Quest 3. However, the Quest 3 will have a new Snapdragon chipset that’s designed for better heat management, which could potentially prolong battery life and allow for extended gaming sessions without the concern of overheating.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Games

The Quest 3 is backward-compatible with the entire Quest 2 game library, with over 500 games available. There aren’t any games exclusive to the new headset. Yet, its advanced features might inspire developers to create unique games for it.

For the time being, both the Quest 3 and Quest 2 can run the same games. And Quest 2 users can rest assured that they won’t miss out on performance enhancements too. A recent software update will boost the GPU and CPU processing and create smoother gameplay.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Comfort

Meta has revealed that the visor of the Quest 3 is 40% slimmer than the Quest 2’s. Even so, it maintains a similar overall weight, as confirmed by the company’s CTO. And like the Quest 2, the Quest 3 comes with a fabric head strap except that it is Y-shaped. We think this should give a better fit and weight distribution.

Interestingly, a Twitter profile photo from Meta’s ‘VP Metaverse Experience’, Jason Rubin, hints at a possible Elite Strap upgrade. As with the Quest 2, Quest 3 users may have the option to replace the standard strap with a sturdier alternative.

Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Which is better for you?

While the Quest 2 remains a solid choice for a VR headset, the Meta Quest 3 specs offer clear improvements. If you want a VR headset that smoothly merges virtual and real experiences, the Quest 3 is the way to go. This becomes more evident as apps and games embrace its full mixed-reality potential.

Quest 2 VR Accessories from VR Cover

Looking to level up your Quest 2 VR experience? We’ve got just the thing – our VR Cover accessories! They’re designed with your comfort and hygiene in mind. Our range includes washable cotton VR covers, easy-to-clean PU leather foam replacement and facial interface sets, glasses spacers and more. Take a look at these Quest 2 add-ons available at our online stores:

How to put the Oculus glasses spacer on Quest 2

How to Put the Glasses Spacer on Meta / Oculus Quest 2

How to put the Oculus glasses spacer on Quest 2

How to Put the Glasses Spacer on the Meta / Oculus Quest 2: A Guide for the Bespectacled

Welcome, fellow glasses-wearers! If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the VR world without squashing your glasses or scratching the headset lens, you’ve come to the right place. Among other things, we’ll discuss how to put the glasses spacer on the Meta / Oculus Quest 2 and how to wear your headset. Let’s dive in, glasses first!

Why Glasses in VR?

You might ask why you would still need glasses in VR when the headset lens are so close. Well, VR headsets use lenses to project images at a distance, just like real life. So, if you’re nearsighted, you’ll still need your glasses. Also, VR doesn’t offer the same range of focus adjustment as reality, and without your glasses, you might experience blurry peripheral vision. There are other reasons too why glasses are necessary.

Limited accommodation in VR

In the real world, our eyes have the ability to change focus by adjusting the shape of the lenses inside them, a process known as accommodation. This allows us to focus on objects at varying distances. However, in VR, the screen distance is fixed, and the eyes don’t have the same range of accommodation as they would in the real world. This can make it difficult for people with myopia to adjust their focus adequately without their glasses.

Peripheral vision and eye strain

VR headsets typically have a wide field of view to enhance the immersive experience. Without wearing their prescription glasses, myopic individuals might experience blur or visual distortions in their peripheral vision. This can lead to eye strain and discomfort during prolonged VR use.

To address these issues, some VR headsets offer adjustment options for the distance between the lenses and the eyes (interpupillary distance) to accommodate different users, including those with myopia. However, this adjustment may not fully compensate for individual prescription needs, especially if the myopia is severe.

In some cases, people with mild myopia might find that they can use a VR headset without their glasses and still see the virtual content reasonably well. For those with moderate to severe myopia, wearing prescription glasses or using contact lenses while using a VR headset will generally provide the best and clearest viewing experience.

Maintaining a Safe Distance: Glasses and the Headset Lens

To prevent your glasses from scratching the headset lens, maintain a small gap of a few millimeters between them. Meta’s own glasses spacer adds a 4mm gap for this purpose.

Do Oculus Glasses Spacers Work?

Glasses spacers work well as long as your glasses fall within Meta’s recommended dimensions. If your glasses are thicker or wider than the given recommendations, they might not fit well inside the headset or could bump against the headset lens, even with the spacer installed.

How to put the glasses spacer on Oculus Quest 2

How to Put the Glasses Spacer on the Meta Quest 2

To install the glasses spacer, follow these steps:

  • Remove the foam interface. Start by tugging at the top part of the facial interface. It’s held in place by two nubs that might feel tighter than your jeans at Thanksgiving, but don’t worry. Apply a bit more force and it will come off. Repeat with the bottom portion.
  • Once the face gasket is removed, install the glasses spacer. Position it correctly over the headset and push in at the two nubs near the nose section and the top.
  • Reinsert the facial interface. Push in the two nubs at the bottom first, then the top two nubs.

VR Cover glasses spacers for Oculus Quest 2
Glasses spacers from VR Cover that are designed for the Meta / Oculus Quest 2

VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer: Your Glasses’ Best Friend

Our Oculus Quest 2 glasses spacer replacement offers a more comfortable fit by adding 4.3mm of space before the display. This extra room reduces the potential of the lens being scratched, ensuring a better VR experience.

XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2: More Room, More Comfort

For the best Quest 2 spacer that gives even more room, consider our XL Spacer. Compatible with the original facial interface on the headset and the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface only, it adds 6.5mm of space, providing the clearance needed to reduce the potential of your glasses bumping up against the lens.

How to Use the VR Cover Glasses Spacers

The installation process for our glasses spacers is similar to Meta’s:

  • Remove the stock facial interface.
  • Position the spacer correctly over where the nubs will go.
  • Press in the two bottom nubs first and then the top nubs.
  • Install our facial interface and foam replacement.

Our spacers work with specific facial interface versions. Check the compatibility before you purchase.

Wearing the Meta / Oculus Quest 2 with Glasses: A Comfortable Fit

Wearing glasses with your VR headset can feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. But don’t worry, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve:

  • Press the headset against your face first.
  • Pull the strap over your head.
  • Gently push forward the frames of your glasses – nudge the frames resting just above your ears.

Voila! This technique moves your glasses slightly towards the lens display and relieves some of that pressure on your face.

Now that you know how to wear your glasses safely with the Oculus Quest 2, you can truly enjoy VR without worry.

Play Beat Saber on PSVR2

PSVR2 News: Play Beat Saber on PSVR2

Play Beat Saber on PSVR2
Screenshot from Beat Saber

Play Beat Saber on PSVR2: Why It’s the Best VR Experience Yet

Beat Saber, with its irresistible block-slashing fun, has become a must-have in anyone’s game collection. When you play Beat Saber on PSVR2, you’re not just playing a game – you’re immersing yourself in a performance that has been enhanced for this version. And the best part? If you’re already a proud owner of the title on PSVR, you can upgrade to the PSVR2 version absolutely free.

Beat Saber: The Uncontested Champion of VR Downloads

In May and June 2023, Beat Saber reigned supreme on the PlayStation VR2 download charts across the US, Canada, and Europe. This impressive feat was achieved despite a delayed release in May, and its success can be attributed to a number of reasons.

Seamless Transition for Existing Owners: No Need to Break the Bank

For starters, if you already own the PlayStation VR1 version of Beat Saber, you’re in luck. The cross-buy feature ensures that you automatically qualify for the PlayStation VR2 version. Boot up your PS5 to receive a notification about the availability of the new version. Just download it and you’re all set to run it on the PSVR2. What’s more, any music packs you previously purchased on PSVR will be transferred over at no additional cost.

Intuitive Gameplay: So Easy, Your Grandma Could Play

While mastering the basics of this game will take time and practice, Beat Saber offers an easy-to-grasp gameplay that welcomes players of all ages and skill levels. The premise is straightforward: wield your lightsabers to slice through blocks in the right direction, all in sync with the pulsating music to rack up points. The controllers provide haptic feedback when you nail the hits, adding to the immersive experience. On the PlayStation VR2, the tracking feels smooth and lag-free. You’ll be channeling your inner Jedi before you know it.

Immersive Environment and Instant Rewards

Beat Saber’s environment is a masterclass in simplicity meeting style. Imagine stepping into a futuristic music video, where complex geometric shapes, a darkened arena, and glowing lighting effects come together to create a visually stunning backdrop. The environment, paired with the music, is designed to keep your focus razor-sharp. Each cube you slice rewards you with immediate visual, auditory, and tactile feedback, delivering a rush of gratification that keeps you coming back for more. With the PSVR2 version, the visuals take a leap forward, looking even more crisp and vibrant.

Music and Difficulty Levels: There’s Something for Everyone

Beat Saber is immensely enjoyable, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. With a variety of music and scalable difficulty levels, you’ll never get bored. Plus, their ever-expanding music packs feature great tracks from the likes of Queen, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga and more. Who knew getting fit could be this fun?

No Motion Sickness: A Smooth Ride All the Way

Unlike some VR games, Beat Saber doesn’t induce motion sickness. So you can play to your heart’s content without worrying about turning green.

A Fun Workout: Sweat It Out with Beat Saber

Playing Beat Saber isn’t just a blast – it can also double up as a solid workout, particularly at higher difficulty levels. But don’t let the fear of sweat dampen your gaming spirit. We’ve got you covered with our Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2.

This set includes a support head strap and a pair of washable cotton VR covers. The adjustable strap helps to distribute the headset’s weight across your head for more comfort while the absorbent covers fit over the front and back foam cushions on the headband, becoming your first line of defense against sweat during those intense gaming sessions.

Head Strap Cover Set for PlayStation VR2

Once you’ve conquered the rhythm-filled universe of Beat Saber, a host of other exhilarating titles await you on the PSVR2, including Synth Riders and Pistol Whip. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of nonstop action, the beat of thumping music, the daily dose of exercise, or the sheer joy of slicing and dicing, there’s a game out there ready to captivate you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab those controllers and let’s get slashing.