Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set V2 for Oculus Quest

New Facial Interface, Foam Replacements and Nose Guards for Oculus™ Quest

Ever dedicated to finding innovative solutions to benefit VR users, we are excited to announce the launch of the Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set V2 for Oculus™ Quest.

Designed to enhance your VR experience, the latest hygienic accessories not only keep sweat and germs at bay but also keep light out for better immersion.

Each set contains 2 PU leather foam replacements, a flexible facial interface and 3 silicone nose guards in different sizes. Every piece can be wiped down easily and frequently for maximum hygiene.

The foam replacements, which attach to our custom facial interface, come in 2 thicknesses – Standard and Comfort. Depending on your preference, you can use the thinner Standard foam to be closer to the lens or the thicker Comfort foam if you need more room.

For the facial interface, we have used a flexible material to fit most face shapes and ease pressure for more comfortable gaming sessions.

If light leakage around the nose is your concern, there are silicone nose guards to help block out light. Since one size does not fit all, we have offered them in 3 sizes. They can be connected to the facial interface in different ways for a custom fit. They also offer the additional advantage of reducing condensation inside the headset.

For a whole new gaming experience on your Oculus Quest, get your very own Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set today.

VR Cover Face Mask

Fight the Spread of Coronavirus with a VR Cover Face Mask

With wearing a face mask becoming a part of daily life, we have launched our very own VR Cover Face Mask designed specially for fans of virtual reality.

Featuring a pattern of VR headsets and controllers, the double-layered 100% cotton mask comes in black and has an integrated metal nose-piece to mold the covering to the face.

To keep it securely in place, there are two straps that go behind the head above the ears and around the nape. The bottom strap is adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit.

Wear the mask while practising social distancing to reduce exposure and risk. Comfortable, washable and reusable, the VR Cover Face Mask is a practical face covering suitable for regular use.

Silicone Covers for Valve Index

Our Silicone Cover for Valve Index Gives You a Cleaner VR Headset

Add our non-absorbent Silicone Cover to your Valve Index to have a hygienic, sweat-free experience every time. Available in grey and camo green, it is designed to keep the facial interface covered, protecting the default foam from moisture, dirt, and wear and tear.

As oiled silicone can cause unwanted skin reactions, we have used high quality medical grade silicone which is unoiled so that it is hypoallergenic and safe. The soft premium material also adds an enhanced level of comfort, making it possible to wear the headset longer.

Furthermore, the unoiled silicone offers a better grip, holding the device steady while you play.

Its no-fuss, easy-to-clean feature is an upgrade on the foam as you can quickly remove sweat and dirt between sessions. Just use a micro-fibre cloth or anti-bacterial wipes, or handwash with soap and water.

A hygienic headset goes a long way towards making VR enjoyable and hassle-free, and our Silicone Cover helps you achieve just that!

Silicone Covers for Oculus Quest and Rift S

Our Silicone Covers for Oculus™ Quest and Rift S Block Sweat and Dirt

Our Silicone Cover is an essential VR accessory. It stops sweat, oil and dirt from coming into contact with the foam while offering a layer of protection against wear and tear. Your headset will feel cleaner and be in better shape longer.

As oiled silicone may cause unwanted skin reactions, we have chosen to use high quality medical grade silicone that is unoiled, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

Soft and smooth, it feels great whether you are playing an intensive game, working out or just relaxing in social VR. The anti-slip unoiled surface also helps keep the headset from moving too much, a useful feature especially in more active sessions.

It’s easy to apply it to the foam. Simply remove the facial interface, slip the cover on, and reattach the interface. You can keep it spotlessly clean by using alcohol-free antibacterial wipes or handwashing with soap.

With our Silicone Cover, you will experience better hygiene, comfort and protection for your VR headset.

VR Cover Antibacterial Wipes

Coronavirus Impact And Safety Measures

We understand that many of you may have questions about how the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak might affect VR Cover products and your orders, so we’d like to share the impact the pandemic has on our operations and the precautionary steps we’ve taken.

As a company specialising in hygiene and comfort accessories for VR headsets, we immediately introduced additional safety measures when news first broke about the new virus in China.

To protect our employees and maintain high sanitary conditions, we’ve since placed an emphasis on frequent hand washing, and cleaning high contact points more regularly.

While our products have always been packed and assembled in a safe environment in Thailand, we’ve stepped up our hygiene efforts by installing extra air filters, ozone generators and equipping our staff with protective clothing.

We’re also facing longer lead times in the supply chain that have resulted in lower inventory levels than usual. We seek your understanding and patience as we work hard to replenish out-of-stock products as quickly as possible.

Customers may experience delays in getting their orders in countries where access or standard shipping has been restricted. We will endeavour to keep our shipping FAQ up to date with the latest guidelines from our shipping partners.

We will continue to stay vigilant and do all we can to ensure our products give you the best experience. As social distancing is now encouraged, many of you will likely spend more time in VR. We recommend cleaning your headset thoroughly and frequently with wipes such as our Skin Friendly VR HMD Cleaning Wipes and avoiding sharing your device if possible.

Stay safe!

Valve Index Head Strap Cover

Improve Your VR Experience With Our Valve Index Head Strap Cover

Install our Head Strap Cover on your Valve Index and experience an instant upgrade in hygiene and comfort.

Available in a set of two covers, the washable cotton accessory keeps sweat and dirt from building up on the head strap foam. Designed to attach snugly to the back of the strap, it catches and absorbs sweat as you play, optimizing your enjoyment in VR.

It also acts as a protective layer to the foam by reducing wear and tear and maintaining it in good condition.

Planning to share your headset with your friends? Then these covers are ideal as they can be swapped out easily for the next player and ensure the device is kept clean and comfortable.

Buy your Valve Index Head Strap Cover today and get the most out of your headset!

Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set

Our Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Offers Better and Easier Hygiene

*As part of our Black Friday promotion, you’ll get 20% off when you shop for your Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement now. Offer valid until 2 December or while stocks last.

When hours of active VR sessions have turned the original foam on your Valve Index into a sweaty, smelly mess, and you’re now considering washing it, it’s time for a better solution.

We realise the hassle Valve Index owners face when it comes to the upkeep of their headsets. That’s why we have developed a custom facial interface and foam padding set that not only replaces the stock gasket but also makes cleaning quick and easy.

Each set has a magnetic interface, two PU leather memory foam replacements – Standard and Comfort – and two side wedges that can be positioned near your temples to reduce light leakage.

For a wider field of view, use the Standard foam as it brings your eyes nearer to the lens. The thicker Comfort foam can help reduce pressure on the face and is suitable for longer gaming sessions.

Both foam paddings are designed to be wiped clean with anti-bacterial wipes, a convenience that’s especially important if the headset is shared with others.

Installation is straight forward. Fix and adjust the foam pad and wedges on the facial interface. When everything is in place, simply remove the original gasket, attach our facial interface and enjoy a more comfortable and hygienic VR experience.

VR Cover Black Friday Sale 2019

VR Cover Black Friday Sale 2019

Our popular Black Friday sale is coming your way! We’re offering storewide discounts ranging from 10% – 50%. Enjoy special deals on VR Cover accessories for many headsets including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Samsung Gear VR. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to grab a hygienic cover or wipeable foam replacement and give your device a fresh new feel.

Check out these promotions and more on VR COVER. Offers available from Thursday, 28 Nov (8am EST) to Monday, 2 Dec (midnight EST) or while stocks last.

VR Cover for Oculus Rift S

Get Our Soft, Cotton VR Cover for Your Oculus™ Rift S

Your face will love our soft VR Cover for Oculus™ Rift S. The 100% cotton cover, made to wrap onto the default foam gasket, feels smooth and comfortable. It’s also quick-absorbing and will mop up your sweat before it drips into the headset.

Our latest VR accessory is offered in a set of two covers. If you’re into high-intensity workouts, we recommend getting more than a set, so you can swap a wet cover for a fresh one several times in a session. And that means no more cutting short a game to dry a soggy foam. With our VR Covers, you’ll be able to play longer and better.

The covers also make sharing headsets easier. You can pass your Oculus Rift S to the next player feeling reassured that it is protected from sweat, oil, and dirt. With the covers on, there’s reduced wear and tear on the delicate default foam too.

Attaching the cover only takes seconds, thanks to fitted elastic straps that latch to the facial interface. To get the covers clean again, just wash and dry them, and they’ll be good as new for your next VR adventure.

Upgrade your Oculus Rift S today with our VR Cover.

Foam Replacement Slim for Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest Foam Replacements Slim On Sale Now

The default foam on the Oculus Quest headset gets dirty real quick. A soggy foam is unpleasant, especially when the same headset is used by more than one person. You want to share the VR experience, not the sweat.

VR Cover offers a great hygienic solution with our brand new Oculus Quest Foam Replacement set. Available in a set of two pieces, our latest PU leather foam paddings are slim in size, so you get the same experience as that provided by our Rift foams. With the thinner foam, your eyes are placed close to the VR lenses for an enhanced field of view.

The PU leather exterior makes cleaning convenient. As moisture doesn’t soak through like on the original foam, you just have to wipe the surface dry and you’ll have a sweat-free headset again. For even better hygiene, we recommend using anti-bacterial wipes.

These foam replacements only work with our Oculus Quest custom facial interfaces.