Apple Vision Pro: So Cool, It’s Sweaty. Introducing the VR Cover!

Love your new Apple Vision Pro? Totally get it! It’s like having a movie theater on your face and you can even control stuff with your eyes and fingers. All that awesome tech can get sweaty though. Well, the VR Cover is here to be your sweatband hero and keep your Vision Pro feeling fresh.

VR Cover for Apple Vision Pro

Soft, Breathable Comfort

You’re in the zone – powering through a spreadsheet, rocking out to Synth Riders, or getting emotional during a movie. Suddenly, you feel dampness on your face. Sweat and oil build up fast on the stock Light Seal Cushion, making things unpleasant. Our multi-layered cotton cover absorbs excess moisture before it seeps into the cushion, so you can stay focused and comfortable.

VR Cover for Apple Vision Pro

Protecting the Cushion

Not only does the cover boost your comfort, it also acts as a protective layer for your Vision Pro cushion. It minimizes direct contact with it, reducing rubbing and wear from daily use.

VR Cover for Apple Vision Pro

Ideal for Active Use and Sharing

Whether you’re tackling a marathon work shift, powering through intense workouts, or basking in mixed reality goodness outdoors (hey, we’ve all seen those viral videos of folks rocking the Vision Pro on busy streets – not recommended!), this accessory optimizes your user experience.

Each set comes with two VR covers, allowing you to swap them out mid-session. And when sharing your headset with friends or family, the interchangeable covers double as a convenient hygiene solution. Better yet, they are washable, so there will always be clean covers on hand whenever needed.

Easy Installation

Simply attach the fitted elastic straps to the Light Seal and Light Seal Cushion and you’re ready to embark on your next mixed reality adventure.

Apple Vision Pro Universal Headset Support Strap

Universal Headset Support Strap

An accessory to alleviate the pressure of the headset on the face is our universal strap. A side-to-side strap, it helps redistribute some of that weight to the top of your head. The adjustable hook-and-loop closure allows you to customize the fit, while the padded PU leather section adds extra softness where you need it most.

Buy the VR Cover for Apple Vision Pro and Universal Headset Support Strap from our regional online stores:

VR Cover for Apple Vision Pro