Does your VR headset cause forehead and cheek pressure, making it uncomfortable to wear for more than a few minutes? That pain can disrupt your immersion, no matter how stunning the visuals. Luckily, our Universal Headset Support Strap redistributes weight to boost comfort. Suitable for use as an Apple Vision Pro top strap, or head strap for Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro, our universal accessory also works great with other HMDs.

Universal Headset Support Strap

This flexible and supportive head strap lifts some of that weight from your face and redistributes it to the top of your head, alleviating pressure and fatigue. Made for durability with a mix of nylon and polyester, it boasts quality stitching and a convenient hook-and-loop design for a snug fit on any head size.

By minimizing headset movements as well during active VR, the strap secures your sweet spot, letting you stay focused on the action.

Universal Headset Support Strap on Apple Vision Pro

Taking comfort to the next level, a strip of foam padding in PU leather is integrated along the strap where it rests on the head. This soft addition not only feels great but also resists moisture and wipes clean easily after intense VR workouts.

And installation? Quick and simple! Attach the strap to the sides of your headset, position it across your head, and adjust the fit.

Universal Headset Support Strap

Ready to unleash the full potential of your VR experience? This strap is compatible with a wide range of headsets, including:

  • Apple Vision Pro
  • Meta Quest 3
  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Meta/Oculus Quest 2
  • Meta/Oculus Rift S
  • HTC Vive XR Elite
  • PlayStation VR2
  • PlayStation VR
  • PICO 4
  • And any other headset with side attachment points to accommodate an overhead strap
Universal Headset Support Strap on Meta Quest Pro

Don’t let discomfort cut your VR adventures short. Get your Universal Headset Support Strap at our online stores today!

Universal Headset Support Strap on PSVR2