Universal VR Headset Cover



Protect your headset with our Universal VR Headset Cover.

All headset manufacturers recommend the HMD be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent damaging the lenses. Our simple cotton covers slip over the headset with ease and ensure no light enters! If you are not using your device for long periods of time it’s also a good idea to keep it covered to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust.

The Universal VR Headset Cover is Compatible with all major VR headsets including:

  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • PlayStation VR
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
  • What is the headset cover made from?

The covers are made from 100% Cotton

  • My headset isn’t listed above, can I still use the cover?

Probably,  we have not tested every available headset on the market but if it’s of a similar shape or size to any of the other listed above it’s most likely fine.

  • Why should I buy the covers?

The best reason is to protect the headset from sun-light damage. Also, if you’re not planning on playing for a while, it’s good to stop it from collecting dust.

  • Will my proximity sensor stay on when I’m using the headset cover?

For certain headsets (Oculus Rift) it might be necessary to unplug the headset before using the cover.

  • How long does shipping take?

If you’re in the US, Standard shipping generally takes 5-7 days. For the rest of the world, please refer to our shipping page.

  • How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders are processed within 24 hours. European customers may have to wait a little longer as we ship using a batch-ship method.

  • How do I return my order?

We accept returns or exchanges only in the case that the product is defective or damaged.

We offer two shipping options: Standard and Express. Shipping time vary depending on the destination country, please refer to our dedicated Shipping Page for more detailed information

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