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Need some guidance on how to install the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set on your Meta/Oculus Quest 2? Have a look at our hands-on video.

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Details & Features

Material: PU Leather, foam, silicone
Care Instructions: Clean with antibacterial wipes. Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. As the nose guard is made of soft silicone material, always handle with care when removing or installing it.

wipeable material

vegan or PU leather

FAQ: Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Product compatibility

It is compatible with the following VR Cover products:

Only the Minimal foam can be used with the following VR Cover accessories. The thicker pads, Standard and Comfort, do not fit well with these covers.

*The Fitness Interface does not work with the VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2.

As it is specifically designed for the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 only (64gb, 128gb, 256gb), it will not work on other headsets, such as the Meta Quest 3.

Due to the different dimensions, their silicone cover does not work with our facial interface and foam.

Yes, it does; however, with the interface slightly raised above the headset, some customers may experience a little light leakage through the vents.

Depending on one’s face or nose shape, it may work if you are using the thicker foams, Standard or Comfort. You may find your nose brushing against the frame of the lens inserts or your eyelashes touching the prescription lens with the Minimal foam.

Different glasses will have different mileage depending on the size of the frames and thickness of the prescription lenses. We cannot guarantee that the interface will fit your glasses. To allow more room before the display so that your glasses do not bump up against the lens, try using the original Quest 2 glasses spacer or the VR Cover XL Spacer for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. Be aware that using a spacer will potentially cause light to leak through the passive air vents.

If you have prescription frames that are wider than normal, position the foam on the interface as far as possible from the center. This helps to open up the gap to fit your glasses inside more comfortably.

Cleaning, general care and materials

We recommend cleaning with alcohol-free antibacterial wipes. They can also be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth.

As the foams are not waterproof, we do not recommend washing them.


The Fitness Interface features more passive air vents which help increase air circulation to reduce fogging. It is also made of a softer, more flexible material to suit different face shapes and enhance comfort.

The new set includes a Standard and a Minimal foam while the older sets offer a Standard and a Comfort foam.

The slim Minimal foam is thinner than the stock foam and is designed to bring you closer to the lens for a wider FOV. The actual FOV experienced among users will ultimately be determined by one’s face shape and size.

Below are foam-only sets you can check out:

Foam Replacement Set for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Blue)

Cool XG Foam Replacement

Minimal Foam Replacement (Dark Grey)

These sets include a pair of foams. The facial interface is not included.