Hands-On Video

Need some guidance on how to install the VR Cover on your Meta Quest 3? Have a look at our hands-on video.

*The VR Cover for Meta Quest 3 is a set of fabric covers only. They do not come with a replacement facial interface.

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Handwash with soap and water

breathable fabric

cotton mix

FAQ: VR Cover for Meta Quest 3

Cleaning, general care and materials

We recommend washing the covers by hand in cold water. Hang dry for best care.

There is a 2mm foam lining within the fabric layers.

No, it’s not included. These are fabric VR covers only. They do not come with a facial interface or foam replacement.

Our cover wasn’t specifically designed for the Meta Quest 3 Silicone Facial Interface. We feel it can be a very tight fit and the elastic straps may cause damage to the foam tips if pulled too tightly. As such, we do not recommend using our VR Cover on top of the silicone cover. It’s best to use them separately to avoid potential issues.

Compatibility with different headsets