Protect your Gear VR foam from getting dirty and oily over time with our waterproof Gear VR Cover. This Gear VR Cover works for the Innovator Edition for Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S6 Gear VR and is perfect for exhibitions, demoing the Gear VR to people or sport activities.

It is made from 100% waterproof nylon fabric that is easy to clean. Simply use wet wipes in between sessions and wipe the VR Cover down. It dries within seconds.

The Gear VR Cover is lightweight and fits the Gear VR perfectly so it stays in place and you can simply leave it on when you carry it around or travel with it.

The Gear VR Cover for the Note 4 works with both kinds of foam, nose free and with covered nose. The Gear VR S6 just comes with one kind of foam and this VR Cover works with it.

Watch how to put the Gear VR Cover on here.

The Gear VR Cover set contains:

  • 2 Gear VR Covers
  • 1 small carrying pouch

Product Discontinued

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