How to clean your VR Headset

In this article, we share some tips on how to clean your VR headset safely and effectively. We hope that this information will help you enjoy VR without having to worry about wearing a grubby headset!

VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular as the technology continues to develop and make these devices more comfortable and accessible.

However, one often overlooked aspect of VR is hygiene maintenance. Sweat and other bodily detritus, which easily build up on these devices, attract pathogens. Maintaining good hygiene reduces their growth and spread between sessions and multiple users. Regular cleaning also removes dirt which, if left to accumulate, can damage the hardware.

If the cleaning sounds like a lot of work, it’s not! Keeping your equipment in good, clean condition simply requires following a few best practices like these listed below.

Tips on Cleaning Your VR headset

    1. Wash your hands before handling the headset.
    2. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the inside and outside of the headset before and after every use.
    3. Anti-bacterial wipes may be used to clean everything except the lens. We recommend alcohol-free wipes as alcohol-based ones can leave a residue or damage the surface of the headset and the lens.
    4. You should refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines as well. For example, Meta suggests cleaning products like Wexford Cleancide or Lysol wipes. The company’s website advises wetting the surface with the wipes “until it is visibly wet”. The equipment should air dry completely before the next use.
    5. To clean the lens, use a dry microfiber or optical lens cloth. Clean off smudges in a circular motion by starting from the center of the lens and moving outwards. Do not use liquid, alcohol-based or chemical cleansers. Handwashing the cloth frequently with soap and water will prevent transferring dirt and grease back onto the lens when you use the cloth again.
    6. It is a good idea to remove detachable parts like the facial interface and head strap as doing so allows you to get to the dirt trapped inside crevices.
    7. If the head strap is stained, you can try washing it with cold water and soap.
    8. Use a dry cloth or non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes to clean your controllers.

Hygiene and Comfort Accessories for Meta Quest 2

Besides following the recommendations on how to clean your VR headset, you can also get some VR accessories to enhance hygiene.

For Quest 2, using a protective cover such as the VR Cover or Silicone Cover over the original foam gasket makes the job of wiping up so much easier as they will keep most dirt off your device. An extra bonus is these covers can be handwashed and be fresh and clean for your next VR session.

Another option is to replace the original foam gasket with wipeable foam pads. We offer the following kits in different designs for Quest 2:

Stow away the headset and controllers when you are not using them. A carrying case like this protects the equipment from dust and other elements.

You can shop for solutions for other headsets here.

As you can see, it is not difficult to keep your devices in great shape. Just a bit of regular care and some hygiene accessories will help put your worries aside and let you fully enjoy your VR adventures.