We had the organic cotton bamboo Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2 VR Cover already a few months ago and are happy to have them back. We also offer organic Gear VR Cover versions that work for both Note 4 and Galaxy S6 Gear VRs now. If you look for a hygiene solution for your virtual reality headset and prefer that your skin is only with 100% natural materials in contact our organic VR Covers are the right choice for you.

We had a few people ask for leather VR Covers in the past, so we started to experiment and after going through a variety of different leathers we settled for a soft lamb skin leather. It is still leather and probably not the first choice for most people but if you look for a bit more classy way to demo your experiences this could be the right choice for you.

If none of the ones above are your cup of tea right now, we have a few other styles to pick from.